Global Credentialing & Professional Development

At FACTS, we believe that at the core of quality education are teachers, the individuals working relentlessly with children daily. Through the GlobalED platform, we offer teacher workshops and courses, issue globally verified credentials, and track professional development and certifications, allowing educators to have more workforce mobility and a secure, authentic place to keep track of their achievements – all in the interest of preparing our children for tomorrow.
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Benefits for Your School

  • Improved quality of education for your students by educating teachers and school leaders.
  • Centralized portal of globally certified, online curriculum content for educators.
  • Tracking of all your teachers’ professional development and certifications in one secure place.
  • Schools notified of teacher progress, certification expiration dates, and when educators need to recertify.
  • Regularly updated content, expanding as we gain a greater understanding of how minds develop and how education should evolve.
A teacher instructing her students at their group desk
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Support for Your Educators

  • Opportunities for teachers to gain certifications in their field and expand on topics of interest.
  • Collaboration and communication with peers, ideal for networking and professional development.
  • Increased workforce mobility for educators pursuing certifications.
  • Digital wallet tracks certifications and professional development, giving educators a hub to continuously manage their growth.