Private School Service Providers Seek to Expand Their Outreach

Lincoln, Neb. (PRWEB) – FACTS Management Company, the nation’s leading provider of tuition management and other financial services to private schools, and Three W International, the leading program placing international students in North American private schools, have formed an alliance to promote each other’s programs and services to schools they serve.

FACTS Management serves more than one million families at approximately 6,500 private and faith-based schools in the U.S. Three W International has more than 120 partner schools in the U.S. and Canada, which host more than 2,000 international students.

Officials from both companies predict the agreement will benefit not only the two organizations, but also enhance the experience of students, families and schools.

“FACTS Management is all about making life better for the families and administrators of thousands of private schools,” said Tim Tewes, CEO of Nelnet Business Solutions and president of FACTS Management. “That usually takes the form of financial services that help make private schools affordable and convenient. Now, through our alliance with Three W International, FACTS has another meaningful way to serve our schools.

“Having international students in the student body enriches the academic and cultural experience for everyone,” Tewes said. “We are pleased to team up with Three W, the leader in international student management, and acquaint our FACTS schools with what Three W has to offer.”

Tony Wang, president of Three W International, expressed a similar sentiment. “We are excited about the bond between Three W International and FACTS,” Wang said. “Both companies provide services that benefit private schools, with Three W International taking the lead with international students and FACTS the acknowledged leader with domestic students. It makes a lot of sense for our two companies to begin working together. More importantly, the schools we serve will enjoy greater diversity, increased enrollment and greater financial stability.”

Both officials pointed out that placing more international students is a financial boon to the mission of private and faith-based schools. More students means more tuition revenue. International students placed by Three W pay full tuition in advance and also pay a premium beyond tuition for other school expenses. That improves schools’ financial stability and helps keep education affordable for all private school families.

Rising Stars in Private School Services

FACTS Management and Three W International have experienced similar rapid trajectories to the top of their respective fields in serving private schools. FACTS, a division of Nelnet, Inc., of Lincoln, Neb., was founded in 1986 and today serves more than one million private school families. Three W International, with offices in the United States, Canada and China, was founded in 1998 and has quickly become the premier provider of international student services in North America.

Since more than 40 percent of private schools in the U.S. are Catholic, Catholic schools are important to both organizations. FACTS Management serves more than 2,000 Catholic schools in more than 100 dioceses. Three W International, with partner schools in 22 dioceses, not only places international students but also manages such needs as housing, meals and counseling.

International Student Population Growing

There are more than 750,000 international students in the U.S., according to the Institute of International Education ( That total represents an increase of more than 30 percent in the last five years. About 1/4 of international students come from China, a percentage that has more than doubled in five years.

School officials and families see many benefits when including international students in the student population.

When domestic students interact with students from other countries, the students learn about nations, cultures and languages in a way not covered in textbooks.

Culturally, students and host families gain a broader perspective of our diverse world. In a world that is increasingly globalized, a student’s international friendships may even prove to be valuable later in one’s life and career. Some of a person’s most important contacts are those made during one’s school days.

Hosting international students also creates a bridge to share U.S. culture and ideals with the future leaders of other countries.

About FACTS Management Company
FACTS,, a division of Nelnet, Inc., of Lincoln, Neb., is committed to making educational dreams possible for families and students, as well as enhancing the financial stability and affordability of educational institutions. FACTS serves more than one million families at about 6,500 schools and manages $4.9 billion in tuition funds annually. FACTS offers a comprehensive suite of services, including tuition management, payment administration and processing, financial needs assessment and fundraising solutions.

About Three W International
Three W International,, has North American headquarters in Orlando, Fla., additional offices in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, as well as one office in Canada and 16 offices in China. Three W International is North America’s foremost international student management company. The company provides the highest caliber of academically gifted students that will give a valuable cultural experience to all parties involved, while providing an economic boost to both the school and the community.


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