Includes Browser-Based Access to ParentsWeb Content for iPads, Tablets and Smartphones

New “RenWeb Home” iPhone App Provides Additional Convenience of an App, Including Always-Logged-In Instant Access to ParentsWeb and Tap & Send Capability

Android App to Follow Soon!

July 5, 2012 – RenWeb is pleased to announce it will soon begin phased launches of mobile-friendly versions of ParentsWeb that will provide students and parents free browser-based access to ParentsWeb content via iPads, Tablets and Smartphones.

In addition, RenWeb is launching RenWeb Home, a new iPhone App for accessing ParentsWeb content that takes advantage of core iOS integration to provide additional convenience and capabilities that go above and beyond what is possible in the mobile-friendly browser, such as always-logged-in instant access to ParentsWeb and tap & send capability from the iPhone.

Browser-based Access to ParentsWeb for iPads and Tablets

RenWeb will debut its first mobile-friendly version of ParentsWeb at its 2012 Power Conference. This release, which provides free browser-based access to ParentsWeb, has been designed and formatted for iPads and Tablets. Though accessible by both parents and students, this release is intended to support students working from an iPad or Tablet, whether at home or in the classroom of a school offering 1:1 devices, to provide the student access to daily grades, homework assignments, lesson plans, attendance items, lunch menus, class schedules, and report cards.

Browser-based Access to ParentsWeb for Smartphones

After RenWeb launches the mobile-friendly version of ParentsWeb that has been designed and formatted for the screen size and resolution of iPads and tablets, we will turn our resources to developing a version for the screen size of a Smartphone. We plan this release to launch in the Fall.

RenWeb Home iPhone App

The RenWeb Home App will be the best solution for accessing ParentsWeb content via an iPhone due to the core iOS integration of the app, providing inherent advantages over a browser. RenWeb Home works equally well on an iPad, where it can be installed and ran in 2X Mode to take full advantage of the screen size and resolution of an iPad.

Features of RenWeb Home include:

  • Always-Logged-In Instant Access means users remain logged into the system until they choose to log out, providing instant access to ParentsWeb Information.
  • Tap & Send capability allows users to view the School Directory and simply tap a directory listing to make a call, send an email, look up an address in the iPhone’s mapping tool, or import a listing into the iPhone’s Contact List.
  • Importing capability allows users to import school calendar events and student homework assignments into multiple iPhone Calendars.

RenWeb Home will be offered for an annual fee of $4.99 per family per year. The annual subscription purchase covers all iPhone/iPod/iPad devices for every parent and student in a family as the family is recorded in RenWeb. This step was taken to lower the cost of RenWeb Home for families with multiple devices. Families will be offered the opportunity to renew their subscription prior to its expiration at the end of 12 months.

RenWeb Home will become available in the iPhone App Store by July 13, just in time for the 2012 Power Conference where it will be featured. We will then begin advertising RenWeb Home for parents in August 2012. In order to provide the best parent experience possible, it will be important that schools have ParentsWeb loaded with content that is current before parents download and use RenWeb Home for the first time.

RenWeb Home Android App

Once RenWeb Home for the iPhone is launched at the Power Conference, attention and focus will turn to developing an app for Android phones that RenWeb will offer through the Android Market. The intent is to provide the same advanced features for Android phones that are offered through the iPhone version of RenWeb Home. We anticipate the Android app to launch in January, 2013.

Access to RenWeb’s Hosted Moodle Sites via Smartphones, iPads and Tablets

RenWeb’s hosted Moodle sites will support Moodle’s native themes for the Desktop, iPads/Tablets and Smartphones. That means students can access Moodle via their device to review lesson materials, view assignments, take tests and quizzes and interact with other students.

Because of RenWeb’s integration with its hosted Moodle sites, students can then access ParentsWeb via their device to see the same homework assignments that were created in Moodle by the instructor, as well as view their grades for the test and quizzes taken in Moodle.

“We are very pleased with the holistic solution we are offering schools,” said Bob Wilbers, RenWeb Founder and President. “Through the combination of our mobile-friendly browser, Smartphone apps and Moodle integration, we are providing the most current technology to serve schools and their hand-held devices. We see this as a very important step in the evolution of RenWeb given the growing popularity of blended learning classrooms and 1:1 device programs.”

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