February 1, 2010 – Wilcomp Software L.P. (makers of RenWeb™ School Management Software), today announced that its website has been certified to display the TRUSTe Privacy Seal, which demonstrates its commitment to consumer trust and privacy online. TRUSTe, the leading online privacy seal and trust assurance service, awards its privacy seal only to companies that complete the rigorous TRUSTe certification process and agree to comply with ongoing oversight and TRUSTe’s consumer dispute resolution process.

“With more people online now than ever before, the number of cybercriminals trying to exploit consumer information has also grown to record numbers, making third-party trustmarks an essential tool for both consumers and businesses,” said Fran Maier, President and Executive Chair of TRUSTe. “By becoming a TRUSTe sealholder, Wilcomp Software gives its customers a clear signal that it is trustworthy, safe, and respects the privacy wishes of the people who visit its website.”

The TRUSTe Privacy Seal is one of the most recognized branded symbols of trust among consumers. The TRUSTe Privacy Seal communicates that a website has posted a privacy statement and that its information gathering and dissemination practices follow guidelines for notice, choice, access, security and redress outlined in the Federal Trade Commission’s Fair Information Practices. Specifically, TRUSTe sealholders agree to:

  • Disclose their information gathering and dissemination practices;
  • Give consumers the choice to limit any secondary uses of their personal information through opt-in or opt-out;
  • Provide users with access to their personal information to correct any inaccuracies; and
  • Ensure that reasonable security mechanisms are being used to protect the data that is collected.

“We are pleased to join TRUSTe in increasing consumer trust and following industry-best privacy practices,” said Brad Lee, CEO of Wilcomp Software. “TRUSTe certification serves as a benchmark in our ongoing commitment to safeguard consumer trust.”

Ongoing monitoring and the Watchdog Consumer Dispute Resolution mechanism are cornerstones of the TRUSTe Privacy Seal and Certification Program. Through automated monitoring, TRUSTe systematically monitors the practices of seal program participants to ensure ongoing compliance with program requirements.

TRUSTe also now offers Site Reputation Services, which uses technology to regularly scan user-generated or third-party content for potential malicious content before it is uploaded to a website to reduce the risk of a malware attack. In addition, TRUSTe provides consumers and organizations an effective, easy-to-use method to resolve privacy disputes through its online Watchdog Dispute Resolution service. Every year TRUSTe resolves over 5,000 privacy complaints filed by sealholders’ customers.

About Wilcomp Software LP
Wilcomp Software L.P. (makers of RenWeb School Management Software) is enabling administrators, teachers, parents and students in more than 1,500 schools to “Switch on the Power” as the leading provider of next-generation Internet-based school management software. RenWeb’s unmatched convenience and service include complete installation of the software, including conversion of data, all as part of one, low license fee, along with a client interface that provides easy access to more than 185 integrated features.

Developed by a university dean, RenWeb is leading the migration of schools from client server-based to web-based systems, bringing administration, parents, students and the classroom together with anytime, anywhere access to a full range of services. Features include Admissions, Enrollment, Scheduling, Billing and Tuition Management, Lunchroom Management, Health Management, Attendance, Homework, Lesson Plans, Grade Book, Report Cards, Transcripts, Extensive Reporting Capabilities, Automated Emailing and ParentsWeb. For more information about RenWeb, visit www.RenWeb.com.

About TRUSTe
TRUSTe Privacy Seals help consumers click with confidence by guiding them to trustworthy websites. Thousands of websites rely on TRUSTe industry-best practices to help them make the right decisions about privacy and protecting confidential user information. Half of the top fifty websites are certified to TRUSTe’s leading practices including, Disney, eBay, Facebook, Intuit, Microsoft and Yahoo. To find out more, visit http:/C:/inetpub/renweb.truste.com.