Trinity Christian Switches to RenWeb in Search of Better Parent Communication, Higher Teacher Satisfaction and Live Help-Desk Support

July 19, 2011 – RenWeb School Management Software today announced that the company has achieved the 2,000-customer milestone as schools continue to convert to RenWeb at a rapid pace to benefit from RenWeb’s power, integration, affordability and ease-of-use.  Since January of 2008, RenWeb has added more than 1,000 new private schools to the company’s customer base, reinforcing RenWeb’s position as the leading provider of Internet-based school management systems for private schools.

Trinity Christian School, located in Windsor, CT, is the latest example of the wave of conversions to the industry leader.  Trinity made the switch to RenWeb from Sycamore Education in search of improved parent communication, higher teacher satisfaction and the widely accessible live help-desk support that is part of RenWeb’s offering.

Brad Lee, Chief Executive Officer of RenWeb, stated, “RenWeb’s rapid ascension to the 2000-school milestone – doubling our customer base in less than three-and-a-half years – is a testimony to an offering our competitors just can’t match:  not just unparalleled power, integration and ease-of-use, but also the enhanced value of world-class customer service and support, including a well-staffed Live Help Desk, all for one affordable price.”

Cathi Sasportas, Public Relations and Development Director for Trinity Christian School, said of their decision to invest in higher-quality school administration software:  “Before switching to RenWeb, our school had Sycamore Education, but we didn’t feel it was fulfilling our needs.  The parents at our school thought Sycamore was not user-friendly, and many just refused to use it because they felt it was complicated and took too many clicks to get to each child’s grades, assignments and notes from their teachers.”

Continued Ms. Sasportas:  “Our teachers were also dissatisfied and complained that Sycamore Education was not meeting their expectations. Teachers felt common tasks such as recording grades were difficult and took much longer to complete than they should have taken.  Sycamore’s issues were even more aggravating because of their lacking Help Desk support.  Our faculty and staff members were told they were not allowed to communicate with the Help Desk unless they were deemed a “Super User” – a designation granted to only two people in the school. Plus, when the Super Users called with questions, they were asked to check the manual and jump through several hoops before someone would answer their questions.”

Ms. Sasportas added:  “Because of our frustration, I did some research and talked to other schools about their experiences with RenWeb. I found that all the schools I spoke to were thrilled with RenWeb. I was excited to learn of all its features:  how easy it is to use; how it will help us communicate better with our families; and that there is easy access to live support if we have a question – something we did not have before. We’re excited to know RenWeb has a very accessible Help Desk that even our teachers can access. The staff was very happy to hear about the Live Phone Support and Live Chat Help that is available during business hours. This will help us in a great way.”

Concluded Lee, “Trinity Christian School’s experience is typical of what we’re hearing from many schools who have switched to us from cheaper Web-based programs:  it’s not enough to get a low price – schools need the accessible and responsive customer support they now enjoy with RenWeb.  We truly stand by our product and with our customers.”

Ease-of-Use Enhanced by Easy-to-Access Customer Support
RenWeb’s value to schools is greatly enhanced by the world-class service and customer support that RenWeb makes easily accessible to schools:

  1. Call directly into RenWeb’s toll-free line at 1-866-800-6593.
  2. Initiate a Live Chat session with a member of the customer support team.
  3. Submit a request into the RenWeb Customer Support tool to receive a callback from the support team.
  4. Submit an after-hours Ask-A-Question with a guaranteed email response the following day.
  5. Access the robust and exhaustive Online Help database, including more than 150 demonstration videos that walk customers through various tasks in RenWeb.

About RenWeb
RenWeb’s Power, Integration, Ease-of-Use and Affordability are demonstrated daily in more than 2,000 customer schools as the leading provider of next-generation Internet-based school information systems. RenWeb’s unmatched convenience and service include complete installation of the software, including conversion of data, along with a client interface that provides easy access to more than 185 integrated features. Developed by a university dean, RenWeb is leading the migration of schools from client server-based to Web-based systems, bringing administration, parents, students and the classroom together with anytime, anywhere access to a full range of services. Features include Admissions, Enrollment, Scheduling, Billing and Tuition Management, Lunchroom Management, Health Management, Attendance, Homework, Lesson Plans, Grade Book, Report Cards, Transcripts, Extensive Reporting Capabilities, Automated Emailing and ParentsWeb. For more information about RenWeb and its affordable payment plans for schools of all sizes, visit