Customer Stories

Effective School Management

FACTS’ commitment to provide schools an ever-expanding set of API (application provider interface) data points has set our school up to use and seek value-added services which round out our ecosystem of products and services. The best enterprise solutions like FACTS understand infrastructure is all about interoperability.

– John Cork, Educational Technology Coordinator, King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School

The implementation process was fantastic. Everyone was so gracious and so wonderful and there were no stupid questions – every time we needed help, we were either a phone call or email away.

– Cynthia Boaz, Business Director, Christian School District

Switching our Accounts Receivable structure to FACTS Advanced Accounting has made our accounting system more efficient and manageable. Our delinquency management plans & policies are easier to implement because of the accessibility of the data that FACTS provides in real time. It is very user friendly for us and our families. Customer service is also very helpful whenever we need assistance. Thank you FACTS for making my job a little easier!

– Sherylle Francia, Ocean View Christian Academy

St. Luke School has been using FACTS for over 10 years. FACTS has helped us reduce expenses and increase our revenue which is so important to a small elementary school. In all the years I have been working with FACTS, I've had friendly and professional service from all of the employees. We are becoming a one-stop shop with FACTS now, we're using RenWeb and FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with FACTS. If I had to choose one thing that sets FACTS apart from their competition is their ability to project upcoming needs for our school before we have even thought about those needs. I love FACTS and will continue to recommend them to other schools in our area.

– Danette Curtis, St. Luke School

Because of the ease of billing with FACTS, it has really shortened my time spent on the charging of Incidental Billings. I love the way we can charge all the students at one time for one service, with different amount totals. Now I can input our lunch charges in minutes. Thank you for listening to your clients and their suggestions.

– Karen Ray, Trinity Christian School

As a one-person accounting department, FACTS has helped me streamline one of the most important aspects of our school - revenue collection. They have tailored the program to suit our needs. Having one customer service rep to contact increases my productivity as I don't have to wait for her to get up to speed on our school; she is already familiar with it and me. All of the reps I have spoken to are professional, timely and knowledgeable. They truly want to help and don't hesitate to take my suggestions or requests for upgrades to the software team to investigate. Many good upgrades have been implemented in the past two years making the program even better. I am so glad we chose FACTS for this task.

– Terri Burwinkel, Calvary Christian School

I would recommend going to FACTS. It changed our financial situation and made my job much easier. The way we handled tuition and fees was pretty manual. We needed to find a way to work more efficiently.  Since we switched to FACTS, we have the lowest receivable balance in the 21 years that I've been here. That's incredible and it improved our cash flow tremendously.

– Don Swanson, Pulaski Academy

Cathedral Parish School has been using the FACTS program for a long time and we have always been satisfied with our service. Our manager and her team are wonderful. Always willing to assist when they are needed!

– Marianne Rogero, Office Manager, Cathedral Parish School

…What a great service FACTS provides. Their customer service is outstanding as I can always speak with a person whenever needed. They are also very friendly and professional. We will never stop using FACTS. Since switching to FACTS, we have had a 100% collection rate over the past 2 years. Making the switch to FACTS has helped us significantly. Billing and collecting are no longer issues.

– Michael Brezinsky, Pope John Paul II Academy