Customer Stories

Innovative Processes

FACTS’ commitment to provide schools an ever-expanding set of API (application provider interface) data points has set our school up to use and seek value-added services which round out our ecosystem of products and services. The best enterprise solutions like FACTS understand infrastructure is all about interoperability.

– John Cork, Educational Technology Coordinator, King Mongkut’s International Demonstration School

I have been using FACTS Tuition Management for many years now, and I cannot say enough about how pleased I am to work with your company. Now that FACTS and PSAS have combined, this will definitely streamline the process for us. I just completed my kickoff call with Britt, and I look forward to working with FACTS for our grant and aid assessment process. Outstanding customer service from an outstanding company!

– Sherry Rinaldi, St. Michael School, Diocese of Youngstown

Switching our Accounts Receivable structure to FACTS Advanced Accounting has made our accounting system more efficient and manageable. Our delinquency management plans & policies are easier to implement because of the accessibility of the data that FACTS provides in real time. It is very user friendly for us and our families. Customer service is also very helpful whenever we need assistance. Thank you FACTS for making my job a little easier!

– Sherylle Francia, Ocean View Christian Academy

Prior to being with FACTS, our school tried three other tuition management companies; the only thing I can say about that was NEVER AGAIN! FACTS was a breath of ocean-side fresh air! We use Payment Plans, Grant & Aid, Incidental Billing and eForms. The products are all very easy to use, save hours and hours of my time, and the eForms have transformed our registration process! Our account manager or a team member is always available for phone calls and email response time is prompt. I've never not been able to speak to a live person and get the answer to my problem (and I call often). It is also wonderful that the account managers take customer feedback, feed it to their tech department and the software engineers are continually upgrading the products. We (as long as I have anything to say about it) will never try another firm for the management of our tuition, billing, grants, and registration!

– Debbie LaRont, Apostles Lutheran School

Having handled receivables here since 2002, I can honestly say that partnering with FACTS has been a true blessing. Our workload has lessened, time spent on collections lessened and we have a clearer picture of our receivables. The autopay setup is convenient not only for us here at the school, but also for the parents. Any question or request for info has been met with professionalism, no matter how many times we've asked the same question! The FACTS staff is well-informed and willing to help, such a great resource! I can't imagine an accounts receivable world without FACTS!

– Linda Purcell, Horizon Christian Schools

I wouldn't use any other service. FACTS has been able to accommodate all our needs. Now with the acquisition of RenWeb, enrollment is practically seamless as families navigate thru the process from enrollment, to tuition contracts, to grant and aid. Our FACTS manager, Theresa, has been such a blessing to work with over the past 15 years. We have had a great working relationship and hope for it to continue for many more years to come!

– Abby Fishel, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

I am so completely thrilled with the FACTS system and the support we have received from Rachel. Although you assured me I would love it, I have to admit I harbored a few doubts because of my experience with another company. There is actually no comparison between the two. FACTS has a robustly functional, user friendly, well-maintained tuition management application that is a dream come true for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with it and wish all of my financial applications were built this well. Thank you so much for introducing me to my new best friend!

– Saundra S. Sparks, Echo Horizon School

We have absolutely loved the FACTS system. It has helped me as the bookkeeper to show more accurately who is paying and not paying tuition. FACTS has been a godsend and allows us to gain a clear financial picture of how we can proceed in the future.

– Chris O’Bryant, Anointed Word Christian School

Because of FACTS, I was able to better utilize the limited funds available for financial aid. Families apply online and FACTS does all the work. Reports are detailed and easy to read. They will even rank families for you if you give the total amount to distribute. We have used them for three years now. Also families only pay one fee to apply at multiple schools and the Diocese.

– Sr. Elizabeth Swartz, SSND, Diocese of El Paso