Customer Stories

The Personal Touch

I would like to thank the professional and courteous staff at FACTS who have fielded my numerous questions as a novice in learning the process.  I look forward to many more years of working with you.

– Genevieve Fiorente, St. Mary of the Annunciation School

Shelley Castinado, our Account Manager, is always friendly and helpful with any questions I may have. She is a true asset to your company. She makes my job much easier!

– Carolyn Parker, Lamb of God Lutheran Church and School

I have really enjoyed working with Holly Oberle.  She is fantastic!  Very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!

– Jennifer Fields, Holy Spirit School

My relationship with FACTS began six years ago at my first NCEA convention. When I met with Mr. Waits he made me see that through FACTS we could prioritize Catholic education tuition payments. Going forward we had very little tuition payments outstanding each month. FACTS ia a wonderful system. It takes one worry as principal off my plate. FACTS has made my journey as a Catholic school principal much easier. I know I can count on FACTS.

– JoAnn Wallwork, Our Lady Queen of Heaven

Because of FACTS I was able to better manage the entire budget with the details provided by FACTS system: Examples: Who pays? How often (10, 11, 12 mo) Who’s not paying? Plus, I'm better equipped to provide tuition assistance & predict assistance needs. Best of all I get to see my favorite FACTS representative, Mike Spanier.

– Patrick Fox, St. Michael School

What a blessing FACTS has been to me. When I first started with CACS, I didn't receive any training on anything. My FACTS representative was great and helped me with everything. I can't imagine what my life would have been like if I would of had to collect tuition and send statements on a monthly basis. I can tell you that I would have fallen way behind!! I know that parents view your company as a blessing as well. Thank you FACTS.

– Teresa Dachel, Chippewa Area Catholic Schools

I started working at St. Pius, seven years ago; my first major assignment was to implement tuition for our school which had operated under a stewardship model for many years. This task seemed overwhelming, not only from the perspective of being the person associated with this change, but also setting up a reliable system that would be user friendly for both the parents and the administration. Facts made this a much easier transition than I ever expected. We have had no problems and our account rep Cheryl Davis is great to work with. Other companies have tried to steal us away, but we love FACTS.

– Sharon Wagner, St. Pius X Catholic School

The many attributes of the FACTS system has been a "Godsend" to our Parish. Before starting FACTS our accounts receivables were approximately $50K. We have drastically reduced that since using FACTS to approx. $12K. The FACTS team is always so helpful and friendly when we call for support; it feels like I know them personally.

– Cindy Maloney, St. Joseph Catholic School