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Effective School Management

Pulaski Academy

I would recommend going to FACTS. It changed our financial situation and made my job much easier. The way we handled tuition and fees was pretty manual. We needed to find a way to work more efficiently.  Since we switched to FACTS, we have the lowest receivable balance in the 21 years that I’ve been here. That’s incredible and it improved our cash flow tremendously.

Don Swanson

Blessed Trinity Catholic High School

Because of FACTS I was able to reduce collection issues to almost zero, freeing my business manager for more important tasks. Also, the financial aid service is by far the best and most fair of the three we have used over the years.

Frank Moore

Innovative Processes

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

I wouldn’t use any other service. FACTS has been able to accommodate all our needs. Now with the acquisition of RenWeb, enrollment is practically seamless as families navigate thru the process from enrollment, to tuition contracts, to grant & aid. Our FACTS manager, Theresa, has been such a blessing to work with over the past 15 years. We have had a great working relationship and hope for it to continue for many more years to come!

Abby Fishel

Echo Horizon School

I am so completely thrilled with the FACTS system and the support we have received from Rachel. Although you assured me I would love it, I have to admit I harbored a few doubts because of my experience with another company. There is actually no comparison between the two. FACTS has a robustly functional, user friendly, well-maintained tuition management application that is a dream come true for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with it and wish all of my financial applications were built this well. Thank you so much for introducing me to my new best friend!

Saundra S. Sparks

Service to Parents

The de Paul School

FACTS has improved our processes and relationships with our families by providing them with easy access to their payment account and FACTS managing collections has saved a great deal of time by reducing the number of late payments and delinquencies drastically. There’s just something about a third party managing collections that families don’t ignore as they did when statements were generated directly by the school and all collection calls came from someone here at the school. I must also mention here that we also use the FACTS Grant & Aid module for tuition assistance assessment. It is integrated with the billing system and provides great flexibility managing multiple sources of tuition assistance.

Steve Harris

Saunders County Catholic Schools

There isn’t a company easier to work with or more accommodating with payments than FACTS. We’ve been on the system for 10 years now and having automatic monthly payments available to our families has not only made my job easier, but has helped families budget a Catholic education and make it affordable for everyone. And the customer support there is incredible – always helpful and very nice to work with. When I attend conferences or am around other private schools, I am happy to recommend FACTS to them.

Cindy Wenninghoff

The Personal Touch

St. John's College High School

I have had the best experience with FACTS. Last year we went paperless with our families to enroll online for not only setting up their payment plans but also registering our families with our school enrollment forms. It was a smooth transition and “no paper”. All aspects of working with the FACTS Team has been a pleasure. I commend FACTS on the training of their staff. Heather Pierce and Jessica Reiner were especially helpful in our transition going paperless. We look forward to a long relationship with FACTS.

Bonnie Bush

Waseca Montessori School

In this day in age, quality customer service is almost a forgotten experience. That being said, it was a rather welcoming experience to find the highest form of customer satisfaction upon working with Jana, Kelly and Britt. I was pleasantly pleased and impressed with their patience and diligence in assisting us with formalizing our FACTS program in such a short period of time.  If their professionalism and customer service is one which I can be sure to experience time and time again, I anticipate FACTS and Waseca Montessori School having a strong partnership for years to come.

Kavanaugh Chandler, MD, MBA