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An affordable, comprehensive, ever-growing fundraising solution that simplifies K-12 educational development efforts.

K-12 Fundraising Made Easy

Development professionals play a crucial role – FACTS Giving makes their job easier (and more effective). Plus, it pairs well with other FACTS solutions like SIS, School Site, and Family App.

Simplify Incoming Donations

Make online gifts easy for donors and staff. Accept gifts from almost any device or method – including text messages.

All-in-One Donor Management

Sync demographics with FACTS SIS to keep records updated and create profiles for organizations that donate to your school.

Create, Track, and Manage Fundraisers

Use custom funds for specific projects or set year-long campaigns. And analyze the results in real-time to keep your donation strategy on track.

Simple, Flexible School Fundraising

Track All Donations

Manage every transaction in an organized, easy-to-navigate donor database.

  • Set up online appeal pages
  • See all transactions – past and present
  • Organize all donors in an easy-to-navigate database

Create Fundraisers

Set up individual funds for specific fundraising projects, track your progress, and analyze campaign performance.

  • Easily set up fundraising campaigns
  • Disable them once goals are met
  • Use our progress tracker to analyze goals in real-time

Pricing Tiers

Now Introducing the Advanced Tier

FACTS Giving isn’t just cost effective – it’s simply effective. With three options, you can pick the tier that works best for your needs and your budget.




Pay Annually




Pay Monthly




Online Giving

Registration Forms with Payments

Crowdfunding/​Appeal Pages

Registration Forms with Payments


Manual Cash/Check Entry



Donor-Covered Fees

Outbound Text
(1,000 Outbound Text Messages; $0.03/text thereafter)

Sync with FACTS SIS

One-Time Donor Connect Data Conversion

Organization Profiles

Communication Group Creation and Management

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FACTS Giving helps you achieve maximum fundraising with minimal effort using highly effective, responsive appeal pages and online donation capabilities. Register to learn more.

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FACTS Giving makes it simple for K-12 development professionals to raise funds for their school. With detailed donor management and custom appeal webpages, K-12 fundraising has never been easier.


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