Take Summer Learning Out of the Classroom with Virtual Field Trips

Want to keep students learning all summer long? Take them on a virtual field trip! From museums to historical sites, here are our top ways to open up students’ minds outside the classroom and foster a love of learning.
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Summer Learning

The Unexpected Benefits of Student Accident Insurance 

For both parents and schools, the well-being of children is the top priority. No matter how hard we try to create safe environments, accidents can happen. From playground falls to sports injuries and car accidents, the potential for unexpected incidents
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FACTS School Operations

How You Can Build a Better School Website for Greater Online Presence

Does your school have an active website? Has it been updated recently? A school website is an important part of maintaining a presence online and bringing potential families offline with more enrollment and better community engagement. So, how do you
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School Operations

Does Your SIS Work for Your Whole School Community?

Even the best educators can’t perform to their highest potential when they’re held back by inefficient, clunky software. That’s why FACTS SIS caters to the unique needs of everyone in your school community: teachers, administrators, admissions staff, families, and students. Read on to explore benefits.
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Admissions Classroom Experience Communication and Advancement Financial Management

From Learning to Winning: How Educators and Olympians Pursue a Path to Excellence

As summer approaches, educators and administrators are tasked with addressing the critical issue of summer learning loss. Read on for FACTS’ solution: a comprehensive summer school plan.
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Classroom Experience FACTS Leadership Development

Lessons From Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Adapting to Change in K-12

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour (and her catalog of music) is making a massive impact on pop culture and economies worldwide. It’s projected that the Eras tour could gross $2.2 billion in North American ticket sales alone,
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How Partnerships Can Transform Your School’s Grant and Aid

What’s the difference between a software provider and a partner? Here’s a quick comparison.
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Admissions FACTS Financial Management

5 Tools to Help Schools Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

Did you know schools have been at the center of Earth Day from the very beginning? Here are five tools that can help school administrative offices reduce paper usage and continue to celebrate Earth Day in 2024 and beyond.
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Admissions Communication and Advancement Financial Management

How Schools Can Solve 3 Financial Aid Challenges

Does your current solution for managing financial aid meet your schools’ needs?  When you’re stuck using manual processes or inefficient software, you end up lamenting about the same problems day after day. Remarks like “this takes way too long” or
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Admissions FACTS Financial Management