In the rapidly evolving landscape of K-12 education, data security is a top priority for school administrators, teachers, and families.

FACTS understands the importance of keeping school data secure and values a continuous investment in cybersecurity. This commitment to protecting sensitive student information is reflected across all FACTS products in our efforts to:

  • Maintain the highest standards for security and compliance
  • Champion open communication
  • Foster a culture of community learning
  • Evolve based on customer feedback

Let’s dive deeper into the importance of cybersecurity in K-12 schools and how FACTS lives out our commitment to keep critical student data safe.

Why Data Security Matters

Schools hold a vast amount of sensitive data, from student records to staff information. This data is not only personal but also has legal protections.

In our digital age, schools increasingly store student information online, which presents new risks and challenges. Cybersecurity threats, such as data breaches, can result in the exposure of confidential information, putting students and staff at risk. Schools must ensure their networks are secure to maintain trust with parents and the community. Data security in schools is not just about protecting information; it’s about safeguarding the individuals it represents and upholding the integrity of the educational institutions.

FACTS recognizes these challenges and prioritizes robust security measures in our products to address them effectively.

How FACTS Provides Security

We take a multi-layered approach to make sure our products are secure.

  1. Data encryption is standard practice, protecting information as it is stored and transmitted.
  2. Strong user authentication measures are employed to prevent unauthorized access, including the use of complex passwords and multifactor authentication (MFA).
  3. The FACTS product infrastructure is designed to be resilient against attacks. Regular security audits and updates defend against emerging threats.
  4. Network security is a priority. Firewalls and intrusion detection systems allow us to monitor and protect against suspicious activities.

FACTS understands that the human element is critical in maintaining security, so we encourage the education for school staff on best practices for data protection. These stringent measures help protect student information, giving schools the confidence that their data is in good hands.

FACTS’ Commitment to Compliance

Maintaining the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance is a top priority for FACTS. In support of this commitment, we engage in routine audits to verify compliance and identify areas for enhancement.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA): With a dedication to upholding FERPA requirements, we ensure that student educational records are kept private and are only disclosed with proper authorization.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA): FACTS aligns our practices with the COPPA, closely following the requirements for the online collection of information from children under 13. Our system is regularly reviewed to meet these standards and adapt to new regulations as they arise.

FACTS Values Open Communication

Open communication is a vital aspect of FACTS’ service philosophy. We believe in the importance of transparent communication with school administrators, teachers, and parents. The FACTS account management team is available to address concerns and answer questions, ensuring that the school communities we serve are never left without guidance. Furthermore, we actively communicate updates and changes in our community platform, ensuring that our customers are informed and prepared for any new features or necessary adjustments.

This value of transparent communication extends to security-related matters. In the event of an incident that may affect data privacy or compliance, relevant parties are promptly notified.

Community Learning Opportunities

FACTS understands that ongoing education is vital for the successful implementation and utilization of our products. So, we provide a variety of community learning opportunities designed to enhance users’ knowledge and skills. These include webinars, workshops, and training sessions that cover a broad range of topics, from basic system functionalities to advanced data management and security practices. These resources empower users at all levels, ensuring that both new and experienced staff can continually develop their expertise.

FACTS encourages a collaborative approach to learning, fostering a community where users can share insights, tips, and best practices. By investing in community learning, FACTS not only supports individual growth but also strengthens the collective capability of educational institutions to manage their systems securely and effectively.

Feedback is the Key to Improvement

At FACTS, we believe that feedback is essential to continuous improvement. Input from customers isn’t just collected. It is critically analyzed and used to guide the development of new features and the refinement of existing functionalities.

By incorporating suggestions from daily users, we evolve our products in a way that is most beneficial to the schools we serve. This iterative process helps to identify and address any potential gaps in service, ensuring that products remain cutting-edge, user-friendly, and secure. Through this responsive approach, FACTS reinforces our dedication to delivering products and services that reflect the real-world needs and challenges of K-12 educational environments.

Your school regularly collects sensitive student information. Keeping that data safe is a big job. FACTS cares about the security of your data. Through transparent partnership and a continuous, demonstrated investment in cybersecurity resources, we can help you have peace of mind. Want to learn more about how FACTS can support your school? Chat with our team.