In any school, at any time, hundreds of moving parts come together to create a successful day of learning. One important element? School lunches! After all, it’s hard to get any learning done on an empty stomach. While students may just get to sit down and eat when their lunch period comes around, school administrators know that much more goes into crafting smooth mealtimes than just buying ingredients.

The good news is that FACTS Student Information System (SIS) can help make lunch time simpler, especially with the Cafeteria Calendar Recurrence Scheduler. Keep reading for more information on this convenient feature and how it can help you save time while planning great meal for your students.

What Does It Do?

The Cafeteria Calendar Recurrence Scheduler allows you to quickly schedule cafeteria items that are served or offered on a recurring basis. You’re able to customize the scheduler to the exact specifications needed for your school, whether it’s for items offered on certain days of the week, or the foods offered every single day. Additional benefits of the Cafeteria Calendar Recurrence Scheduler include:

  • The ability to ignore days marked as No School Days to limit manual corrections
  • The choice to set items to repeat on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • The ability to set an end date for when to stop the recurrence items from being rescheduled (for a specific date or at end of year/term)

Who Should Use It?

The Cafeteria Calendar Recurrence Scheduler can be used by virtually all schools. If your school offers the same items every day, such as a milk, water, snacks, or a salad bar, creating a recurrence will safe you hours of administrative work throughout the course of the school year. Once you’ve created a daily recurrence for these items, it’s simple to go in and modify the schedule for any specific days when the entrée is unique.

This tool is also especially helpful for schools that utilize outside vendors or caterers with consistent schedules. If your school has “Pizza Fridays” or “Taco Tuesdays” where outside food is brought in for students, Cafeteria Calendar Recurrence Scheduler can eliminate any extra paperwork you’re currently dealing with. Utilize the scheduler to schedule menu items from each vendor on their designated day of the week and set it to repeat weekly until the selected end date.

We hope this helps you create mealtimes both staff and students can enjoy. For more information on getting started with the Cafeteria Calendar Recurrence Scheduler, please see our HubHelp guide. Bon Appetit!


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