Summer is here, and for many students, this can mean a big potential for learning loss. This is the perfect opportunity for teachers to introduce new ways to keep students engaged and learning all year long, and what better way than taking students on virtual field trips? Explore new sights and experiences from anywhere and make learning something your students never miss out on.  

What is a Virtual Field Trip?  

Field trips are something every teacher is familiar with. It can be both fun and educational to bring together your whole class and explore museums, exhibits, or unique locations around your area. However, for some students and staff, it can be inconvenient or impossible to get together in person.  

With virtual field trips, teachers can bring their class together anytime and almost anywhere to gain experience and explore without the constraints of a physical meeting location. Field trips have long been a way to get students out of the classroom while still gaining valuable learning opportunities and this online option can be the solution to prevent learning loss or students forgetting material they may have learned over the school year.  

Virtual Field Trip Destinations 

Going virtual doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself when it comes to the experiences you can enjoy with your students. From museums to attractions around the world, there are almost no limits to the things your students can experience with virtual field trips.  

Many popular museums such as the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History offer virtual tours, allowing your group to navigate various rooms and exhibits on your own time. Get a close-up view of unique artifacts and learn more about them with in-depth descriptions minus the crowds and distractions you may expect on an in-person field trip.  

Museums aren’t the only virtual experiences you can bring your students to either. Explore other unique virtual destinations, like a digital trip to national parks or video tours in cities around the world. 

Keeping Kids Active in the Digital World 

Over the summer, you probably expect your students to spend more time playing and less time learning, but with virtual field trips, you can perfectly meet them in the middle. Adding these experiences to your summer learning plan can both combat learning loss and reinforce the things your students are learning in every lesson. Bring your students on a virtual trip to the Louvre and combine it with a thoughtful lesson in classical art. The options for keeping students engaged and entertained all summer long are almost limitless. 

Summer learning and fun can go hand-in-hand. FACTS values making it easy for you to challenge your students all summer while still staying prepared, organized, and supported, letting you enjoy the fun too.  Learn more about FACTS education services to discover how you can leverage these tools to make learning fun and engaging for your students all year round.