For both parents and schools, the well-being of children is the top priority. No matter how hard we try to create safe environments, accidents can happen. From playground falls to sports injuries and car accidents, the potential for unexpected incidents is a reality that can come with hefty medical bills. So, what is the best way to reduce anxiety and keep families financially protected? Consider student accident insurance. Keep reading to see the unexpected benefits of this coverage.


Understanding Student Accident Insurance

Student accident insurance may be used for expenses that arise from accidents in sports and on playgrounds and covers accidents incurred off school grounds, too. This cost-effective supplemental insurance pays a benefit due to a covered accident or sports injury, ensuring that parents are not burdened by out-of-pocket medical costs.


The Unexpected Benefits

With rising medical costs, it makes sense that the financial protection of student accident insurance is the most obvious draw of this supplemental coverage. While this is incredibly important, there are many more reasons why student accident insurance can benefit both families and schools – and help them feel confident both on and off campus. Here are just a few of these many benefits.

Decreases Parental Stress

When a child is injured, it can be a stressful time for parents, and getting the care they need is the top priority. Having student accident insurance allows families to focus more on their children rather than the additional costs associated with injuries during this stressful time.

Supports Academic Performance

Even though most parents strive to keep their children away from the stresses of daily life, the financial burden of an unexpected sports injury can affect the entire family. With student accident insurance in place, families can remove a possible disruption to their student’s academic focus. This financial security provides the stability necessary for maintaining academic performance and educational continuity.

Backs Evolving Interests

Students are constantly discovering new activities and interests both on and off school grounds. While families can’t predict what’s next, they can be prepared with student accident insurance covering any injuries from a covered accident without interruption.

Protection from Costly Common Injuries

It’s not uncommon for young students to get into accidents. Falling, mishaps with items like scissors, or being struck by a ball in P.E. are all injuries most people expect, but even these small accidents can end up being costly instances that insurance can help make more manageable.

Facilitates Future Planning

24/7 student accident insurance can help make families’ future goals possible by shielding them from unexpected expenses that can completely disrupt a planned budget. This allows families to better plan for future financial needs, including education costs and other long-term goals.

Student accident insurance is an act of foresight. By offering families this coverage, schools demonstrate their commitment to the complete care of their students. At the same time, families that sign up gain confidence, a sense of financial security, and so much more.


To learn more about how easy and beneficial student accident insurance can be for your school and its families, explore Assurity’s reliable and comprehensive coverage.