At the end of the day, we’re all here to support the education of students. It’s why teachers and K-12 leaders got into this field – it’s all about students.

Our Coaching program is designed to support students by working directly with the people that interact with them every day: their teachers. By recognizing a teacher’s strengths and focusing on improving areas in which the teacher wants support, you’re improving the quality of instruction students receive every day (and helping your teachers feel more fulfilled and confident as a member of your school).

As participants in this program, teachers walk through research-based courses with certified FACTS associates who are not only great teachers, but are trained in the science of coaching. Our coaches use the Vosaic video platform to provide objective, easy-to-understand feedback to drive reflection and strategy conversations.

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Coaching for Teachers

Give Your Teachers the Opportunity to Grow

Our Coaching program supports your educators by exposing them to research-based best practices and conversations with professionally-trained coaches. Innovative video coaching technology and the flexibility to coach from anywhere position your teachers (and ultimately students) for success.

Focus Areas

Each six-week cycle is completely customizable, with a laser-like focus on one key area of teaching and learning.

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Planning for Teaching & Learning

The right kind of preparation can make or break a lesson plan. We’ll walk through best practices that keep your teachers organized and on track whether teaching in-school or remotely.

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Instructional Strategies

Educators are discovering new strategies on a regular basis. We’ll share effective best practices and the latest insights to keep them on top of their game.

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Formative Assessment Strategies

In this area, we’ll help teachers establish strategies that help them continually measure student learning and adjust as needed.

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Classroom Community Building & Engagement Strategies

By creating a classroom community, students are more engaged and comfortable sharing thoughts and ideas. This focus area helps teachers learn to build respect and rapport with students in a safe, open classroom environment.

Benefits of Coaching

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Benefits for School Administrators

  • Principals and school leaders save time – FACTS’ professional coaches provide teacher development that aligns with your school’s academic initiatives
  • FACTS coaches are trained in the science of coaching and have unique perspectives and knowledge
  • Teachers feel more engaged and fulfilled, and have more diverse skill sets
  • Students receive the highest quality of education
  • Coaching is customized for your school and can take place in person, virtually, or in a hybrid fashion

Benefits for Teachers

  • Build confidence in teaching and student learning
  • Vosaic video coaching software allows teachers to self-reflect and receive objective feedback
  • Weekly coach-teacher conversations focused on the areas of teaching and learning that teacher wants to work on
  • Support career growth and goals
  • Opportunities to train as a certified FACTS coach
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