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In today’s digital-driven educational landscape, ensuring all students benefit from high-speed internet access is not just an objective but an essential need. The E-rate program plays an important role in making broadband services both affordable and dependable for schools across the nation. For private schools, leveraging the expertise of FACTS to navigate and secure E-rate funding offers a significant opportunity to enhance your school’s digital infrastructure and educational capabilities.
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The FACTS Advantage

Navigating the complexities of E-Rate funding can be an overwhelming and time consuming process. FACTS partnership approach simplifies the application process, ensuring your school leverages the full benefits of E-rate funding. We specialize in securing Category 1 E-rate funding, focusing on acquiring and maintaining high-speed broadband internet for your school.


We partner with individual schools to secure Category 1 E-rate funding by:

  • Collecting data and required documentation
  • Submitting paperwork required for service bids, funding applications and certification
  • Responding to compliance questions and reviews
  • Monitoring deadlines and E-rate policy adjustments

Did You Know?

The average FACTS E-Rate school is receiving a 40% discount on high-speed internet.

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