Customized Summer Programs with FACTS

Personalized Solutions for Your School

Elevate your school’s summer offerings with our customizable summer school programs, designed to blend academic enrichment with engaging activities for students in K-12. From immersive STEM workshops to art or baking activities, our programs are tailored to spark curiosity and foster a love of learning. Plus, with optional parent engagement opportunities, we ensure a collaborative educational journey, strengthening the home-school connection for a supportive learning environment.
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Summer Solutions Sheet

Want a quick-hit summer solutions resource? Download our Summer Solutions Sheet, so you can review on your own time or pass along to a colleague.

Enrichment Options

Elevate your student's summer program with fun and learning. Download our brochure to discover the wide range of enrichment activities our K-12 Summer School program offers.

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Customized Solutions with FACTS

The most important outcome for us is guiding your school to a personalized set of summer solutions that are optimized for your school, teachers, and students. We are ready to partner with you and your team to determine federal funding eligibility, evaluate the menu of options available, and help you consider summer programs that will support your school’s unique needs.

Intervention Solutions

  • 3, 4 or 5 day a week programs + 1 optional parent engagement event
  • 40-60 minutes of reading, phonics/literacy, math, and/or STEM per day
  • Blended Learning Model (digital learning software and direct instruction)
  • Teacher training and follow-up support
  • Engaging student and teacher materials
  • Multiple enrichment program options available to enhance your students' academic experience!

Enrichment Solutions

  • PreK-8 Core Stem Labs
  • K-8 STEM Enrichment
  • K-8 STEM Through Sports
  • 1-5 STEM World Cultures Experience
  • K-12 Coding and Computer Science
  • K-8 Literacy Through Art
  • K-5 Academics Through Baking
  • 9-12 Algebra
  • Plus, Summer Bridge Experience for students transitioning from middle school to high school

Engagement Events

  • Financial Literacy: K-8th and High School
  • At Home Study and Organizational Skills: K-8th and High School
  • Social Media Awareness: K-8th and High School
  • Making the Most of At Home Reading Time: K-8th
  • Using Math Manipulatives at Home: K-8th 
  • Hidden Academics; Restaurants: K-8th  
  • Literacy: 3 Part series for K-8th
  • Math: 3 Part series for K-8th 
  • Study Skills: 3 part series for K-8th 

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