Instructional Services

FACTS provides Title I/III Instructional Services that are driven by student scholastic data, research-based educational resources, and proven instructional strategies. We help schools deliver the most effective, engaging student experience possible with customized teaching services and resources to supplement in-class instruction. We also work with school administrators to maximize federal funding opportunities to meet the educational needs of your students, parents, and teachers.

Through consultation, we’ll create a custom educational program or enhance a current program to ensure that your students are able to learn in the way that’s best for them. We offer two tiers of instructional support:

  • Tier II: Small Group Targeted Instruction. This group teaching may occur through a pull-out method or through an after-school program.
  • Tier III: Intensive Instruction. Delivered outside the classroom through pull-out smaller groups or one-on-one time. The FACTS teacher regularly collaborates with classroom teachers to ensure students’ needs are being met and progress is being made.

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Our Title I Instructional Services offerings are customized to your school to address student learning and improve outcomes. Browse our Instructional Services catalog to learn more about how we can help your school make the most of federal programs and boost student success.

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School administrator working on laptop.

Benefits for School Administrators

  • Improved learning for students
  • Students receive specialized instruction without a disruption to other students’ learning
  • Classroom teachers don’t need to slow the progress of the entire class to meet individual students’ challenges
  • Parents remain happy with level of education provided

Benefits for Teachers

  • Ability to fulfill lesson plans without falling behind because of the need to provide one-to-one attention with students challenged by individual lessons
  • Students with specific challenges re-enter regular classroom teaching up to speed
  • Collaboration with Title 1 instructors to ensure progress is made for all students
Teacher instructing students with iPad in classroom.
Family playing a game at home.

Benefits for Families

  • Families with students who aren’t challenged by particular lessons aren’t negatively impacted by teachers who need to spend time with individual students who may be struggling
  • Families with a student who needs individual instruction in order to progress through particular lessons receive the best instruction possible