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FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment

You believe in the power of private education, and you want the families in your community to have access to it. Of course, some of those students and their families will need tuition assistance. That means you need an accurate, unbiased way of determining which students receive awards and how much each of those awards should total.

With FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, we work with you to create a custom application to securely collect families’ financial data. This allows you to make data-driven award decisions based on financial needs, while also streamlining your enrollment process by bringing your admissions process online, and eliminating a silo-based infrastructure.

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Make informed decisions on financial awards using the powerful reporting and communication capabilities of FACTS Financial Grant and Aid Assessment. Learn more about needs assessment, simple applications, award notifications, and securing family data in our webinar.

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No-Hassle Information Collection and Verification

  • You can customize the application questions to ensure you receive information that’s important for your school.
  • We collect all necessary data — including tax, financial, and personally identifiable information — to save you time and minimize your security risks.
  • Income eligibility criteria is included for many state tax credit programs.
  • Families upload tax and W-2 records to verify self-reported information.
  • We follow up with families to gather any missing documentation.
  • We analyze all data and suggest award amounts to reduce the emotional pressure of deciding which families should receive aid.
  • Once you’ve decided on students to receive aid, we email award notifications to those families.

Advanced Features to Meet Your Needs

  • With the manual awards feature, you can track all aid – even for families that don’t require application and analysis – in one system, including merit-based scholarships, emergency-based funds, and other scholarships such as theater or athletics.
  • You can apply awards directly to FACTS payment plans.
  • You can customize allocation formulas to your unique needs.
  • Expense types and caps are adjustable for many expense categories so you can reflect conditions in their region.
  • Families eligible for Free and Reduced Meals program based on federal poverty guidelines are shown in the system.
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Your Families Benefit, Too.

  • Our easy online application guides families through the entire process.
  • With one application and a single application fee, families can apply for aid at multiple FACTS schools.
  • Spanish translation of the application is available with a single click.
  • All required verification documents are easily uploaded.
  • Families are alerted of their award status via email and can accept or decline online.
  • Our in-house customer service center is staffed with best-in-class live agents and web chat.
  • Your application is accessible through all modern internet browsers with a responsive design that gives families access through their preferred device, from desktop to tablet to phone.

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