FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment for Organizations

Scholarship granting organizations like yours can empower students and families to pursue private education. But deciding which families need financial aid most (and how much that aid should be) can be a difficult job to do without bias. We can help.

With FACTS Grant & Aid, we’ll create a custom formula to assess which families need financial aid the most. You can consider factors like family income, enrollment verification, and goals/rules set by your organization to get an objective recommendation – and the final call is always up to you.

Throughout the process, we’ll notify applicants on their grant award status and give you reporting metrics for your boards and donors. Plus, you’ll gain the support of a team experienced in scholarships, grants, savings accounts, and other forms of financial support.

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Make informed decisions on financial aid awards using the powerful capabilities of FACTS Grant & Aid system and support. Learn more about grant assessment options, simple applications, award notifications, and securing family data in our webinar.

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No-Hassle Information Collection and Verification

  • Families upload tax and W-2 records, and FACTS verifies their information.
  • Our income-based analysis includes a customizable formula that accounts for expenses, assets, state tax credit qualifications, and more.
  • You can customize application questions to gather any information you need.
  • Request custom, non-income related information from families to give more context around their eligibility.
  • Families receive communication on their status – so if they’re missing a form, they’ll know as soon as possible. Plus, our friendly customer care center is available via phone or chat if they need help.
  • Our specialized team for organizations not only helps schools and families – they can also be hired to manage processes and lighten the load for your team.

Advanced Features to Meet Your Needs

  • School collaboration tools allow you to receive information like enrollment verification from the student’s current school, and a portal that schools can use to help families complete requirements.
  • Our software automates eligibility and award amount determination based on your organization’s rules and needs.
  • Customized grant award and denial notifications allows you to manage all communication in our system.
  • Preset and custom reporting – such as family and student demographics, financial, per school, free and reduced lunch, award, eligibility, etc. – allows you to analyze your applicants and awarding to quickly get the data you need for boards, donors, or state requirements.
  • With the manual awards feature, you can track all aid – even for families that don’t require application and analysis. From merit-based scholarships and emergency-based funds to extracurricular and athletic grants, everything is managed in one system.
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Your Families Benefit, Too.

  • Our easy online application guides families through the entire financial aid process.
  • Families are provided an online portal that guides them to next steps and gives them action items and real-time application status information.
  • Spanish translation of the application is available with a single click.
  • All required verification documents are easily uploaded.
  • Families are alerted of their award status via email and can accept or decline online.
  • Our in-house customer service center is staffed with best-in-class live agents and web chat.
  • Your grant application is accessible through all modern internet browsers that gives families access through their preferred device, from desktop to tablet to phone.

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