FACTS Incidental Billing & Prepay Accounts

When you employ FACTS Tuition Management, you can add Incidental Billing & Prepay Accounts.

FACTS Incidental Billing & Prepay Accounts allows you to bill families for fees that fall outside of regular tuition costs. This could include technology fees, childcare, meals, athletics, and field trips. It also allows your families to prepay for any upcoming expenses. Incidental Billing & Prepay Accounts eliminates a silo-based infrastructure with a single system to capture all tuition and fees.

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Take an in-depth look at how FACTS secures and simplifies payments and student billing for your school with Tuition Management. Learn more in our webinar about payment options for families, dashboard reporting, and securing family data.

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Benefits for Administrators

  • FACTS handles student (or non-student) billing and tracks payments for items that fall outside of regular tuition payments.
  • See summarized or detailed billing reports to help project cash flow, monitor past due accounts, and show incidental payment remittances.
  • Your families have multiple payment options to choose from. They can sign up for automatic withdrawals or pay invoices online with ACH or debit/credit card.
  • Families can pay ahead for known expenses throughout the year.
  • Apply charges to multiple families at once or one at a time. For example: If all families in a particular class need to pay for a field trip, you can apply the charges all at once. For one-off expenses, charges can be applied on an individual basis.

Benefits for Families

  • Flexible payment options include ACH, credit/debit cards, and automatic withdrawal.
  • Prepay for upcoming expenses (if allowed by the school).
  • Account access available on any device.
  • Email or text payment reminders available.
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