Casas Christian School, a K-8 school with over 200 students in Tucson, Arizona, knew it was time to make a change to their school website. Since making the switch to RenWeb in 2008 and instituting a brand overhaul over the past year, they’ve continued to see momentum in enrollment and retention.

What Did They Need?

When we switched to RenWeb, our teachers enjoyed how easy it was to use compared to our previous providers,” said Josh Kempf, Assistant Principal. “There isn’t a steep learning curve. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. But, my biggest concern when I joined Casas in 2016 was the state of our website.

Why They Chose RenWeb to Help

A re-branding centered around the launch of a new website is a steep hill to climb for busy K-12 schools, but Kempf was up for the challenge with the help of RenWeb’s School Site team.

“We’ve been especially thrilled with School Site. The website needed a lot of work when I arrived, but the switch from a static to a responsive design —just that one thing—had a huge impact on our community.”

Our Solution

Terri Read, from RenWeb’s School Site team, lead the charge on overhauling Casas’ website with a new, responsive design that focused on eye-catching imagery and easy navigation.

“Our new website has attracted new families,” said Kempf. “And the overall aesthetic and new look pleased our current families too. It’s now better aligned with the mission and quality of the school.”

Why They’re Staying with RenWeb

Since a new school website is just one of the many ways RenWeb supports Casas, we asked Kempf about the other benefits the school receives from their partnership with us.

Our parents are plugged into our school in a unique way by using RenWeb,” he said. “Now we’re not just communicating problematic things, but sharing positive things with families too. It’s been very impactful.

In an effort to continue promoting communication from school to home, Casas Christian is onboarding with Parent Alert in March 2017.”

We’re excited to see how this will affect our school-wide communication,” said Kempf. “We expect that it will impact our giving numbers and attendance statistics over time.”

Like other faith-based schools, Casas Christian is always looking for new ways to set themselves apart with their strong spiritual programs, differentiated instruction, and stimulating curriculum for their student body.

We know from lead and conversion data, and anecdotally speaking, that enrollment momentum is continuing to go the right direction, especially after the website launch this year,” said Kempf. “We’re absolutely receiving a return on our investment in RenWeb.

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