Effective Financial Management Helps Make It Possible.

Catholic school students gain a foundation of faith, leadership, basic skills, and enrichment. These benefits make a parochial education the unquestionable choice for many parents. FACTS Management Company partners with catholic schools to identify and implement effective financial management tools to support this mission. FACTS makes tuition more affordable and streamlines operations, saving schools and parents time and effort better spent helping students prepare for their future.

Affordable, Efficient Tuition Management

Schools use FACTS Tuition Management to organize and efficiently implement tuition payment and collections by managing data online, accepting automatic payments, and easily navigating web-based user screens. FACTS also reduces a school’s time burden by handling parent inquiries and following up on missed payments. Automatic payments help families plan for tuition, which makes it more affordable, while improving the school’s collections experience. Schools also use FACTS to collect incidental fees—it’s considered the best tuition payment option in the U.S.

Schools say that saving time is the most important benefit of FACTS Tuition Management. According to Ruth Fitzpatrick of the Skaggs Catholic Center in Draper, Utah, using FACTS to help manage payments for 1,800 students has reduced the school’s receivables staffing. “Many of our FACTS families are on auto-pilot, and that frees up our time so we can devote more time to families who need a little more help,” she says. “We also think it holds parents accountable and adds urgency to get delinquencies on track.” Eighty percent of Skaggs families use FACTS to make payments—100% of their daycare families use it.

FACTS management tools make it easy to access account information and decide what action to take. “Reports are concise and easy to read,” says Chris Stanczak of the St. Lawrence Schools in Utica, Michigan. “The tools are organized and efficient. Because it’s online, it’s easy for both staff and families to check tuition status.”

FACTS Tuition Management smoothly integrates with student information systems—saving even more time. For example, the FACTS auto-post feature transfers payments to the student billing system at Sacred Hearts Academy High School in Honolulu, Hawaii. “It saves us the time of manually inputting each payment,” explains Richlyn Dominguez. “We also use FACTS to cross check student billing with our accounting system.”

FACTS Tuition Management offers similar convenient features for families. They can view accounts easily, and then decide how to pay. If they use the automatic payment option, they don’t have to remember when to send a payment. “The convenience of FACTS has helped us retain families,” says Dominguez.

Simplified Grant & Aid Assessment

Schools can be overwhelmed with the challenge of gathering and wading through information about each scholarship applicant to determine financial need. To simplify the process, FACTS takes care of all the details, and schools simply review the analysis, combine it with other criteria, and make final award decisions.

Skaggs Catholic Center applies a set of internally derived rules for awarding assistance and uses FACTS as one of several baselines for identifying award amounts. “FACTS saves us time and identifies a figure that can be used to fairly determine family capabilities,” Fitzpatrick explains. “This objective, confidential third-party tool is essential for setting fair aid figures and assisting families in need.”

“The most useful tool for us is how efficiently FACTS sorts through all the paperwork,” says Taryn Lookner of Catholic Memorial in West Roxbury, MA. She explains it saves time and removes the guesswork of awarding aid. FACTS provides schools with comprehensive, easy-to-understand aid-related reports, including applicant profiles and preliminary aid analysis.

FACTS Products and Customer Service Reflect Real Needs

From its beginning in 1986, FACTS has designed products and services to fit the real-life needs of schools and families. We have constantly fine tuned, not only the programming and friendly interfaces of our tools, but the quality of our service delivery. Fitzpatrick says the FACTS habit of focusing on real needs is one of the primary reasons why her school has been using the tools since 1999. “FACTS is really listening to what we need and want. They do their best to put our requests into action.” For example, she has seen improvements in the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment product every year since the school began using it.

Also as a result of customer feedback, we’ve created new products and services. Customers can purchase FACTS tools separately and integrate them with programs already in place, or they can bundle FACTS tools and services together for even greater efficiency.

When it’s time for interaction with FACTS staff, Stanczak says, the customer service is beyond compare. “I can’t say enough about the professionalism, helpfulness, and friendliness of everyone at FACTS,” she reports. “Questions are answered immediately, for example. And in the 14 years our school has used FACTS, there has never been one complaint from our families.”

These Schools Love FACTS

Skaggs Catholic Center

Draper, UT

The mission of the Skaggs center schools is to educate students in Christian values rooted in the past by using modern teaching techniques and facilities to prepare them as leaders for the future.

“I can’t say enough about FACTS customer service. When we compare other companies against FACTS, there really is no comparison.”

Ruth Fitzpatrick, Finance Office

Bradford Christian Academy

Catholic Memorial

West Roxbury, MA

This young men’s school works to instill in its students a mature commitment to the demands of Catholic Christian witness and a lifelong love of learning.

“I will tell anyone FACTS Management Company is the only company you should use for this service.”

Taryn Lookner, Business Office

Sacred Hearts Academy High School

Honolulu, HI

The school is committed to fostering a learning experience that provides a spiritual foundation for
the development of compassion, moral values, and respect for all individuals.

“If you are not blessed with the staff you need, FACTS goes above and beyond to expand your capabilities, while still giving you complete control to meet your needs.”

Richlyn Dominguez, Accounts Receivable

St. Lawrence Schools

Utica, MI

With a comprehensive curriculum focusing on word, sacrament, and service, St. Lawrence schools provide a learning atmosphere that educates the whole child.

“I would never switch to another company, because of the efficient way the company is run, and because the program is extremely user friendly.”

Chris Stanczak, Secretary

Focus On Families and Schools

For more than a quarter century, FACTS has committed to excellent customer service and products that help families and schools fulfill missions and make educational dreams come true. We now provide products and services to more than one million families and more than 5,500 schools, with a 97% customer satisfaction rate.

FACTS Management Company is proud to assist private and faith-based schools of all kinds by providing payment processing and organizational tools for tuition management, financial aid assessment, donor management, and college planning services. Powered by a combination of dynamic web-based tools and superior customer service recognized throughout the industry, the FACTS coordinated suite of products and services enhances the financial stability and affordability of educational institutions everywhere.

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