Principles For Life.

Christian schools across America prepare students for life by providing exceptional academic opportunities based on solid Christian values. Both the academics and the values serve students well as they grow into principled citizens of the world, capable and spiritually strong. Behind the scenes, schools demonstrate the very skills and values they teach. FACTS is thankful for the opportunity to help Christian schools manage the important business of preparing the next generation.

Simple Payment and Tuition Processing

Organizing, billing, and collecting tuition payments and incidental fees can cost schools time and money. FACTS offers payment and tuition processing tools with robust features that streamline the steps, saving precious time for staff at each school.

“With FACTS I can set it up and it’s done. We can collect different types of payments in different accounts, on different schedules,” says Margaret Arnoult of Washington Christian Academy in Olney, Maryland. She manages a one-person business office at a school with more than 150 families. She depends on FACTS to help manage her workload.

FACTS Payment Processing tools help schools efficiently and securely administer payment options, payment tracking, data management, and parent/staff communication through online and in-person services.

“It was becoming increasingly difficult to have parents pay directly to the school,” says Abby Fishel of Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. “Now we have more than 490 families on FACTS—and payments are received on a much more timely basis. It also helps budgeting.” FACTS handles all collections, which removes payment monitoring from Abby’s list of job requirements.

Kathleen Walker of Bradford Christian Academy in Bradford, Massachusetts, tells how FACTS improves efficiency at her school: “It reduces administrative time, because we don’t have to provide monthly invoices to parents, nor do we have a stack of checks to take to the bank.”

Families also love FACTS. Margaret Arnoult says it’s easy for them to log in to the website and see what’s going on with their accounts. “They can keep track of things themselves. Also, FACTS is in enough schools that parents are familiar with it if they change schools, and that makes them feel comfortable.”

Grant and Aid Assessment: Fast and Fair

FACTS Grant & Aid tools increase the efficiency of a school’s business office. Kathy Batstone, of Costa Mesa, California, says, “Mariners Christian School uses FACTS because it’s thorough and easy to use. People used to send us their information and apply for financial aid in person, and it was difficult to go through all that material. It’s also handy that the system saves information from year to year,” she comments.

A common challenge of awarding financial aid is preserving parents’ privacy and remaining fair in the distribution of funds. FACTS solves both problems by taking the burden of analysis from the school, while allowing the final decision to remain with those who know the parents and students best. “It takes personalities out of it and gives you a guideline to go by, helping you weigh the facts and figures,” says Kathy.

Kathleen agrees: “FACTS helps us by objectively reviewing a family’s financial standing and need. It provides a standardized process.” She believes the ease and fairness of the process, along with the simple auto-payment option of tuition management, actually helps her school maintain and increase enrollment.

Courteous, Responsive Service and Helpful Features

FACTS customer service is considered the best in the industry. Kathleen says, “I have never had the pleasure of working with a more responsive and courteous customer service group.” Abby adds that the FACTS staff is very knowledgeable. “I love my team at FACTS!”

The quality of FACTS service also is apparent in the ongoing development and improvement of products and services based on customer needs. For example, FACTS tools are available online at anytime. “It has totally enabled me to do my work when I need to,” says Margaret. “I can even do it from home at night. It puts me in control.”

FACTS’ convenient products make life easier and save time for business office personnel. Clear, concise reports deliver information immediately. Schools can easily combine FACTS data with general information systems. “We switched to new accounting software this year,” Kathy says. “I get FACTS information over the Internet, and it shoots right into my QuickBooks for more than 400 families.”

These Schools Love FACTS

Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The academy combines excellence in academics, spiritual development, and co-curricular opportunities to create an environment where each student is challenged and motivated.

“Get FACTS! It’s a great tool. I would recommend it to all schools!”

Abby Fishel, Coordinator, Payroll and Benefits

Bradford Christian Academy

Bradford, Massachusetts

Putting God at the center of all reality, BCA values students as precious, unique creations and nurtures their academic, spiritual, and creative lives in a culture governed by grace.

“FACTS Management helps our school. If you have a need for any service they provide, don’t hesitate to call them!”

Kathleen Walker, Business Office

Mariners Christian School

Costa Mesa, California

A co-educational independent Christian school, Mariners’ mission is to build a firm foundation through Christ-centered education in the heart and mind of each child.

“It’s hard to imagine managing payments any other way than with FACTS.”

Kathy Batstone, Accounting and Purchasing

Washington Christian Academy

Olney, Maryland

Encouraging faith and critical thinking, Washington Christian Academy provides reverent, adventurous, and academically serious schooling in the historic Reformed tradition.

“The tools are user friendly and give me better information faster. FACTS is wonderful.”

Margaret Arnoult, Business Manager

Focus On Families and Schools

FACTS has worked for two-and-a-half decades and dedicated millions of dollars in resources to simplifying life for schools and helping students realize their potential. We’ve made educational dreams come true for millions of families and more than 5,500 schools. A 97% customer satisfaction rate is testimony to our heartfelt dedication to the needs of those we serve.

FACTS Management Company is proud to assist private and faith-based schools of all kinds by providing payment processing and organizational tools for tuition management, financial aid assessment, donor management, and college planning services. Powered by a combination of dynamic web-based tools and superior customer service recognized throughout the industry, the FACTS coordinated suite of products and services enhances the financial stability and affordability of educational institutions everywhere.

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