Lexington Christian Academy is a PK-12 faith-based school in Lexington, Kentucky with 1,500 students. They are a cutting-edge private school, offering students and their families enormous benefits in academics, technology, and extracurricular activities. Their thriving arts and athletics programs, coupled with a focus on community service and outreach, makes them one of the most competitive schools in the state.

What Did They Need?

A few years ago, Lexington Christian had a change in administration that prompted a renewed search for software to replace their existing student information system.

Our previous provider had not been serving our school well for a long time,” said Seth Robinson, Director of Technology. “We knew we couldn’t wait for another school year to pass before replacing them.

Their top priority was integration school-wide. According to Robinson, Lexington Christian needed a system where “one student had the same student profile across the board: from school management, to financial services, to academic solutions.”

At the time, their current provider wasn’t meeting this integration need, due to its “fractured, siloed” nature that used “multiple user profiles and records across separate systems.”

Lexington Christian began a search for a more efficient solution and chose RenWeb after investigating several alternate options.

Our Solution

The affordability of RenWeb was important to us,” said Robinson. “The charges from our past provider had become exorbitant and were increasing at a year-over- year rate that we recognized was unsustainable for our school.

Although it seems like a small thing in today’s cloud-based technology landscape, there is still a real need for true integration in the K-12 school system. While many edtech or SIS companies offer syncing between products, Lexington Christian recognized that RenWeb’s integration— where information flows seamlessly and continuously across every aspect of the school—would solve major pain points for them.

“Our SIS prior to adopting RenWeb was so fractured and broken,” said Robinson. The only solution offered to Lexington Christian without switching providers was an entire re-build of the former provider’s infrastructure—and that had huge costs associated with it. “We used to have a running joke that anytime we contacted the support team about an issue, it was a ‘$3,000-$5,000 solution.’ So, the fact that RenWeb answers our questions quickly and easily, and is solution-oriented has been essential.”

Why They’re Staying with RenWeb and FACTS

The implementation process was accelerated for Lexington Christian since they adopted RenWeb in early summer and wanted to be up and running by the first day of school later that fall.

“Given that we needed everything ready to go in just a few months, we received extra support from RenWeb in the areas that needed it to ensure our implementation was completed on time,” said Robinson. “From the start, we had a clear view of the process, our timeline, and what we expected at the end of the road.”

After a smooth implementation, Lexington Christian Academy adopted nearly every aspect of the FACTS + RenWeb integrated solution, including online admissions, payment plans, school website design, and more.

In the first year using RenWeb’s Online Enrollment (OE), we completed our entire re-enrollment in just two weeks,” said Robinson.

“Prior to switching to OE, it was a much lengthier, time-consuming, labor- intensive process. We used to spend a week with everyone from IT to janitors putting together the paper packets and that entirely went away,” continued Robinson. “We also didn’t have an efficient process for tracking and following up on those paper packets, and OE allowed us to see everything at a glance. The number of parents dragging their heels dropped exponentially once we made the process easier for them to complete.”

Once Lexington Christian Academy integrated FACTS payment plans with Online Enrollment, the school and parent experience further improved.

“Our parents love that their data pre-populates when it’s time to re-enroll. They just log in to re-enroll, adopt a payment plan for the forthcoming school year, and they’re done.”

As soon as I tell them about the RenWeb app, it’s like the best thing since sliced bread,” said Robinson. “They say, ‘Wait, I can just log on and see my kid’s grades and whether I ordered lunch?’ We see smiles all around when we tell them about it.

Integration was a major driving factor from an administrative and faculty perspective, but Lexington Christian Academy’s parents benefit every day from RenWeb’s family solutions.

“Parents love that they can see academic and financial information in real- time and all in the same place.”

Lexington Christian Academy is pushing for more classroom technology solutions now, including iPad initiatives for every teacher in preschool through sixth grade.

“We loaded the RenWeb Staff HD app on their iPads, and all teachers from preschool to sixth grade stand at the door to their classroom in the morning with the iPad and take attendance,” said Robinson. “Then, they can quickly take lunch orders, make sure every student is accounted for. It’s been a huge positive for those teachers.”

In the higher grade levels, Robinson told us that those teachers typically use their own smartphones, whether iPhones or Android devices, to take attendance in their classes. “They love that they can do it without logging into their laptop. They get those logistics taken care of, and can move right into instruction,” said Robinson.

From classroom, to advancement, to admissions–we started from scratch with RenWeb, were confident we had an integrated product, and we trusted everything would work together well. It was a no-brainer for us.

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