LINCOLN, Neb., March 7, 2024 – FACTS, a division of Nelnet, Inc. (NYSE: NNI), and leading provider of school management software and education services, has announced a new partnership with Otus, a leader in K-12 student data technology 

Founded in 2013, Otus is an industry-leading platform for student assessment data, grading and reporting, and communication tools. This partnership with Otus aims to further strengthen schools by incorporating advanced capabilities in data visualization, comprehensive assessments, and standard-based grading (SBG). The integration of this platform streamlines the transfer of student data, academic progress, and administration information, enhancing efficiency and accessibility for stakeholders. This collaboration simplifies educational processes, providing school leaders, teachers, and families with easier access to resources, thereby enriching the learning experience. 

With Otus, users can gather their student data in one place for grading and reporting, compare student data, track academic progress, and more. Educators and families can better understand their students’ growth and offer the right support for their success. 

“At FACTS, we are dedicated to providing tools that meet the needs of schools. Our goal for this partnership is to foster an effective and easy student data processing experience that empowers educators and parents to drive student success,” says Bo Abresch, Director of Sales Operations at FACTS. “We look forward to this partnership with Otus and the impactful benefits it brings to schools.” 

“Our integrations enhance the educational processes by providing educators with more tools and meaningful insights all in one platform,” said Chris Hull, president and co-founder of Otus. “Our collaboration with FACTS is not just about saving time; it’s about enriching the educational experience for admins, teachers, students, and their families through improved data management and assessment tools.” 

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About Otus 

Otus significantly improves the way we support students by providing an all-in-one platform for educators to gather, visualize, and act on student data to ensure every child – no matter their learning level or background – is on a trajectory to achieve their true potential. Otus was created and built for teachers, by teachers. It saves educators time through the streamlined integration of assessment, performance tracking, and third-party data, while its gradebook and dashboard reports make it easy for teachers, administrators, and families to understand each student’s growth. Otus has delivered improved results for more than 1 million learners.  

About FACTS 

FACTS, a division of Nelnet, Inc. (NYSE: NNI), is committed to making educational dreams possible for families and students and enhancing the financial stability and affordability of educational institutions. FACTS serves more than three million students and families at over 11,500 schools and manages $9 billion in tuition funds annually. FACTS offers a comprehensive suite of services, including a student information system, online application and enrollment, website design services, and a learning management system.