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Professional development (PD) and instructional services are critical for private K-12 schools, but challenges often arise, such as securing federal funds to meet goals, exceeding budget allocations for independent PD instructors, or providing objective feedback to instructors.

We can help solve those challenges. FACTS Education Solutions connects you with PD and instructional services from highly reputable instructors. We can also provide video technology to evaluate your teachers’ performance, as well as ESSA consultative services to assist you in identifying and obtaining government funding to propel students to academic excellence.
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Education Solutions Products and Services

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  • Title I Instructional Services — to improve academic achievement of the disadvantaged.
  • Title II Professional Development — to prepare, train, and recruit high-quality teachers and principals.
  • Benefit from reputable instructors who have expertise on variety of topics — including data and assessment, STEM/STEAM, Standards-based instruction, exceptional learners, instructional technology, and more.
  • Title III ELL Instructional Services — to help English learners attain English proficiency.
  • Title IV Academic Enrichment Grants — to provide students with a well-rounded education, support safe and healthy students, and support the effective use of technology.
  • Consultative Services — receive consultation on how to receive equitable distribution of government funding for title services to improve student academic achievement.
  • Vosaic Connect video performance evaluation — to help administrators give teachers objective feedback to improve skills in the classroom.
  • Teachers can reflect on their own teaching performance while also receiving objective feedback from leadership.

Your Families Benefit, Too.

  • Families gain peace of mind, because students benefit from a higher quality of education once their school obtains funds for PD.
  • Students are better prepared for entry into college and the workforce.
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