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Improving the way schools manage information, automate processes and communicate with parents.

RenWeb: FACTS’ School Management Suite

RenWeb, a FACTS-owned company, helps 4,000 schools manage information, automate administrative processes and improve communications with parents through RenWeb’s integrated suite of school management products and services. The combination of RenWeb’s school administration software and FACTS’ tuition management and financial needs assessment services offers a complete information management solution to schools that exceeds any other.

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With RenWeb, schools can:


  • Integrate online application and enrollment processes
  • Monitor student completion of the admissions process
  • Automatically migrate students from applicant to enrolled status
  • Track contact and demographic information
  • Record family relationships with student
  • Track emergency contact/authorized pickup information
  • Create non-conflicting student, staff, and room schedules
  • Support straight five-day, block, and rotating block schedules
  • Create schedule for next school year while in the current year
  • Manage miscellaneous fees such as book, activity, and lunch fees
  • Record family account balances, fees, and payment history online
  • Offer parents online payment capabilities
  • Post lunch calendar on ParentsWeb
  • Allow parents to order lunch and submit payments online
  • Provide e-cash register for lunch line purchases
  • Manage child care billing and collections
  • Support monthly and weekly plans
  • Support live time clock billing
  • Record shot records and determine immunization compliancy
  • Maintain a medical event log
  • Record allergies, conditions, and instructions for medications
  • Record grades, homework assignments, and lesson plans
  • Support point, weighted percentage, and mixed grading systems
  • Provide teacher access via desktop browser or mobile device
  • Support daily, twice per day, and period attendance
  • Immediately report classroom attendance to the school office
  • Create seating charts with student pictures and records
  • Provide free report card templates and customized report cards
  • Offer unique report cards for each grade level
  • Include standard and customized GPA calculations in transcripts


  • Offer online applications for prospective students
  • Offer online re-enrollment for returning students
  • Provide parents access to school and student information
  • Include ParentsWeb parent portal for desktop access
  • Offer RenWeb Home app for smartphone access
  • Provide school announcements, calendars and other resources
  • Provide student grades, homework and other academic information
  • Display lunch calendars and offer online lunch ordering
  • Display family account balances and process online payments

Powerhouse of School Information Tools

RenWeb also offers schools extensive reporting capabilities for the most accurate and recent snapshot of their school's information. Combined with FACTS’ Tuition Management and Financial Aid Assessment offerings, RenWeb offers the most complete information management solution on the market.