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FACTS Parent Alert

In the event of an emergency or another situation that requires immediate communication to your school community, you need the ability to send information quickly and reliably through multiple channels. With FACTS Parent Alert, you can send alerts instantly to parents, faculty/staff, and students by phone, text, or email. This upgrades your infrastructure, while leveraging mobile messaging technology to provide information and peace of mind to all of your constituents.

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Improve the way your school manages information, automates processes, and communicates with families.

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Distribute Important Information Efficiently

Benefits for administrators

  • Provides the ability to quickly communicate important information, such as school closings, bus delays, cancellations, and schedule changes.
  • Instant notification of events to families through voice calls, text-to-speech calls, text messages, and/or emails.
  • Because FACTS Parent Alert integrates with FACTS Student Information System, you’ll no longer need to sync demographic and contact information between two systems — avoiding the time-consuming process and the potential errors that duplicated efforts can produce.
  • Creates a library of voice alerts to make re-sending voice or text-to-speech alerts more efficient.
  • Allows you to designate multiple users so that staff can send redundant alerts in cases of weather events, power outages, or other emergencies.