Family Custom App

FACTS Family Custom App

FACTS Family Custom App acts as the mobile hub where schools and families meet.

In one easy-to-use app, families can access grades, calendars, announcements, and more. FACTS Family Custom App integrates with FACTS Student Information System (SIS), making it easier than ever for parents to access key information anytime, anywhere.

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Family Custom App Demo

Explore Family Custom App in this video demonstration.

Benefits for Administrators

  • Customized experience. Schools have full control over the app’s branding and overall look and feel and can add or remove features in real time.
  • School-branded design. Your school’s logo and name are put front and center on the App Store/Google Play Store, home screen, and more.
  • Communication with families. Create targeted lists for push notifications and calendars to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Post school videos. Videos through Vimeo and YouTube are viewable through the app.
  • FACTS product integration. Parents can view grades, schedules, and other information from FACTS SIS – all through the app.

Benefits for Families

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  • Access to school info. Access everything from grades and homework to lunch menus and calendars.
  • Never miss an announcement. Receive push notifications and announcements from your school.
  • Simple and accessible. Easy to use and navigate throughout the app.