At FACTS, we know that even the best educators can’t perform to their highest potential when they’re held back by inefficient, clunky software. That’s why our team of former teachers and educators have poured their years of experience into FACTS SIS, helping create a powerful platform that caters to the unique needs of everyone in your school community: teachers, administrators, admissions staff, families, and students.

Keep reading to discover top features for each FACTS SIS user group and how this solution can revolutionize your school’s management and create a cohesive educational environment for everyone involved.

Top Features for Teachers

Teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the educational experience. FACTS SIS offers an array of features tailored to support teachers in their daily tasks:

Unified Platform: Take classroom attendance, create assignments, calculate grades, record comments, and take behavior notes—all in one place.

Data Analytics: Easily summarize grading data, identify classroom trends using analytics, and load student grades, behavior notes, and attendance.

Lesson Planning: Efficiently document daily class goals, instructions, and procedures, structure learning content, and save for future use.

Communication Tools: Make announcements, start discussions on your Class Wall, use Chat to communicate with students, and update your class calendar with events.

Top Features for SIS Admins

School administrators require robust tools to manage a myriad of tasks. FACTS SIS empowers administrators with features that enhance efficiency and communication:

Health Management: Manage medical events, immunizations, and medication administration.

Scheduling and Enrollment: Schedule and enroll students into classes and maintain communication with students, staff, and parents via email.

Demographic Management: Easily manage addresses, relationships, and other demographic information.

Financial Management: Quickly and conveniently manage financial accounts and cafeteria items for lunch ordering.

Top Features for Admissions Staff

Admissions staff are at the forefront of welcoming new families to the school community. FACTS SIS provides features that simplify the process:

Integrated Parent Platform: Enjoy easy-to-configure inquiry, application, and enrollment processes for parents.

Comprehensive Dashboards: Access detailed overviews of dashboards, queues, and reporting.

Seamless Payment Integration: View a seamless integration with payment plans.

COMING SOON: Email Series Manager will allow users to create automated emails, reducing the burden on Admissions teams.

Top Features for Families

A strong school community includes informed and engaged families. FACTS SIS offers features that keep families connected and informed:

Lunch Management: Browse lunch menus, pay for lunches in advance, or reload students’ balances.

Financial Management: View account balances, make payments, access the Financial Management hub, and see tax statements.

Online Forms: Submit enrollment, re-enrollment, or other required school forms through the online portal.

Academic Reports: Easily access student academic reports to stay up to date on grades, attendance, and more.

Top Features for Students

Students thrive in an organized and supportive environment. FACTS SIS offers features that help students manage their academic responsibilities:

Assignment Management: Quickly see currently assigned or future homework and classroom assignments.

Progress Tracking: View daily, weekly, or monthly academic progress at their convenience.

Homework Upload: Conveniently upload homework directly to the online portal for classes.

Calendar View: View homework assignments and class events in a convenient calendar layout.

Ready to give everyone at your school the tools for success? Learn more about how you can implement FACTS SIS at your school here.