Are you new to FACTS and still have some questions about how to navigate everything? Are you a not-so-new user that can’t seem to remember how you accomplished the project you worked on last year? Or maybe you’re just looking to brush up on your basic FACTS knowledge. Regardless of your goal, there is a dedicated digital space called the New Contact Training Center where you can find answers to your questions and use FACTS’ financial management tools with confidence.

These new contact resources are located within HubHelp, our online database full of documentation and trainings designed to help FACTS users. The New Contact Training Center serves as a resource center with multiple modules to reinforce your FACTS knowledge or educate you on what you may not know. Topics include everything from Grant and Aid basics to Incidental Billing, as well as modules on different kinds of commonly used reports to get you up and running quickly.




If you have more detailed questions or questions specifically related to your account, the FACTS team is always available to help. Please reach out to an account manager at 866.412.4637. For more information on the New Contract Training Center and how to take advantage of these modules, click here.