Customer Stories

Effective School Management

Because of the ease of billing with FACTS, it has really shortened my time spent on the charging of Incidental Billings. I love the way we can charge all the students at one time for one service, with different amount totals. Now I can input our lunch charges in minutes. Thank you for listening to your clients and their suggestions.

– Karen Ray, Trinity Christian School

…What a great service FACTS provides. Their customer service is outstanding as I can always speak with a person whenever needed. They are also very friendly and professional. We will never stop using FACTS. Since switching to FACTS, we have had a 100% collection rate over the past 2 years. Making the switch to FACTS has helped us significantly. Billing and collecting are no longer issues.

– Michael Brezinsky, Pope John Paul II Academy

Innovative Processes

I wouldn't use any other service. FACTS has been able to accommodate all our needs. Now with the acquisition of RenWeb, enrollment is practically seamless as families navigate thru the process from enrollment, to tuition contracts, to grant and aid. Our FACTS manager, Theresa, has been such a blessing to work with over the past 15 years. We have had a great working relationship and hope for it to continue for many more years to come!

– Abby Fishel, Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy

Prior to being with FACTS, our school tried three other tuition management companies; the only thing I can say about that was NEVER AGAIN! FACTS was a breath of ocean-side fresh air! We use Payment Plans, Grant & Aid, Incidental Billing and eForms. The products are all very easy to use, save hours and hours of my time, and the eForms have transformed our registration process! Our account manager or a team member is always available for phone calls and email response time is prompt. I've never not been able to speak to a live person and get the answer to my problem (and I call often). It is also wonderful that the account managers take customer feedback, feed it to their tech department and the software engineers are continually upgrading the products. We (as long as I have anything to say about it) will never try another firm for the management of our tuition, billing, grants, and registration!

– Debbie LaRont, Apostles Lutheran School

Service to Parents

I have truly appreciated FACTS over the 5 or so years that we have been using the system. I find it to be very user friendly for both myself and for our parents/customers. I think parents feel a sense of control when they can log in to their accounts and view and understand their payment plans. We have used the Grant and Aid module as well which is helpful in objectively determining financial need for our families. In the last year we have begun using the advanced accounting feature which can flow directly into our financial statements. Again, user friendly is key. I have also been impressed with the staff at FACTS who expertly and willingly answer any questions I have.

– Lisa Zylstra, Timothy Christian Schools

Because of FACTS, I was able to make life much easier at our school. FACTS allowed us to do the following:  Keep parents happy with timely & accurate tuition management, help the school to collect tuition in a much timelier fashion, increase our tuition collections due to auto debits, and make my business manager HAPPY! Thanks

– Cindy Cummins, EdD, St. John the Apostle School

The Personal Touch

St. Luke School has been using FACTS for over 10 years. FACTS has helped us reduce expenses and increase our revenue which is so important to a small elementary school. In all the years I have been working with FACTS, I've had friendly and professional service from all of the employees. We are becoming a one-stop shop with FACTS now, we're using RenWeb and FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. We couldn’t be happier and look forward to a long and satisfying relationship with FACTS. If I had to choose one thing that sets FACTS apart from their competition is their ability to project upcoming needs for our school before we have even thought about those needs. I love FACTS and will continue to recommend them to other schools in our area.

– Danette Curtis, St. Luke School

I have been a FACTS Customer for the past 12 years. What separates FACTS from the rest of the field is their outstanding customer service. Possibly the best customer service I have ever experienced regardless of product or industry. They really care.

– Howard Richmond, Krieger Schechter Day School