Did you know schools have been at the center of Earth Day from the very beginning? Senator Gaylord Nelson announced the initial idea for Earth Day at a teach-in on college campuses to encourage student participation and activism. The support of educators and students played a critical role in environmental activism then and now. 

How can K-12 schools continue this legacy and celebrate Earth Day in 2024 and beyond? It’s common for schools to use a lot of paper in the classroom and the administrative office. One simple way to reduce your school’s carbon footprint is to automate manual processes. Here are five tools that can help school administrative offices reduce paper usage and contribute to environmental conservation. 

1. Collect Admissions and Enrollment Packets Online 

Switching to an online admissions and enrollment process is a great first step toward going paperless. Not only is this good for the environment, but it can also save time for admissions staff. FACTS Application & Enrollment allows administrators to view applications and enrollment packets as they are completed—so no more waiting and worrying about mail delays. 

2. Use Digital Financial Aid Applications 

For many private and independent schools, financial aid is a crucial part of the admissions process. But it also involves a lot of documents including application forms, tax records, and more. Collecting and storing large quantities of paper records is tedious and not great for the environment. Bringing your financial aid process online is a great way to reduce paper waste while creating a better experience for school staff and families. 

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment allows schools to create a custom online application to securely collect family financial data and decrease the need for paper documentation. 

3. Eliminate Paper Tuition Checks 

Switching to an online billing system offers sustainability for schools and affordability for families. Schools can remove the need for paper checks by allowing families to make tuition and fee payments online. Tools like FACTS Tuition Management give families the flexibility to set up online plans that allow them to make smaller payments over a longer period of time. 

4. Keep Parents Up to Date With Less Paper 

Instead of sending home paper newsletters and notices, schools can use digital communication methods to keep parents informed. A dedicated app or email newsletter can deliver information efficiently without the need for paper. 

FACTS Family Custom App is a great option for schools using other FACTS products. It links to the products you use, giving families one convenient online platform to access grades, calendars, announcements, and more. 

5. Simplify Data Management and Reporting 

Implementing a student information system allows for easier online data management so you no longer need to print reports.  

FACTS Student Information System connects all school activity from cafeteria management to standards-based grading, attendance tracking, and more. This allows teachers and administrators to access all school and student information digitally in one, central location, reducing the need for paper usage and improving efficiency. 

Want to learn more about how FACTS can help your school save time while positively impacting the environment? Chat with our team.