After decades of working with K-12 schools, the FACTS team knows how difficult making financial award decisions can be for schools. After all, we all have the same goal: making sure that students receive the best possible education. That’s why we developed FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, which helps schools to make unbiased, data-driven financial aid decisions through a carefully developed formula.

This solution is full of incredible features that benefit both schools and families. While we’re especially proud of how Grant & Aid Assessment can be personalized for your school’s specific needs, with customizable application questions, formulas, and allocations, there are so many other features to explore! Here are some of the features you may not know about:

Internal Tracking Fields
  • Customizable to track school-specific processes, applicant or student information, and notes
  • Edit on an individual application, in mass in reports, or import an external spreadsheet that already has the internal tracking field data
  • Data can roll over year over year or be cleared out at the end of the awarding year to make room for next year’s data
Award Notifications Customization
  • Customize messaging with smart tags that fill in pertinent data such as term, names, award amounts, and net tuition – no manual award emails needed
  • Configure multiple messages to specify based on types of funding student received
  • Display individual funding received along with total award for a full picture of their financial aid packet
Custom Reporting
  • Customize reporting for reviewing applications during awarding season to show the fields that are most important for your school to make equitable awards
  • Hundreds of fields available including application questions, assessment fields, tax return amounts, prior year information, calculated fields such as state program eligibility, split household information, and internal tracking fields
  • Easily mass edit internal tracking fields or institution adjustments
Emails Direct from System
  • Send reminders and updates to families to submit their documentation, finish their application, or login to see their award
Student ID Matching
  • Simply import files to have FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment reflect your school’s student ID, creating consistent student IDs across platforms and making it easy to import information from another system into Grant & Aid internal tracking fields
Award in System
  • Automate eligibility and awarding decisions, while still having complete control over manual and individual awards
  • Award individually, in mass in reporting, or import award decisions
Multiple Layers of Security
  • Give staff and committee the level of access they need
  • Includes read only and non-PII settings to allow for unbiased evaluation and decisions

Want to know even more? FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment also offers no cost business reviews, seamless integration with FACTS Tuition Management, and is – of course – backed by FACTS’ industry-best customer service.

If you’re ready to upgrade the way your school handles financial aid, it’s time to talk to the FACTS team about the difference FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment can make. Get started here!