What’s the difference between a software provider and a partner? Here’s a quick comparison.



Collaborative Relationship Strictly Transactional
Open Communication Limited Communication
An Extension of Your Team Disconnected, Outsourced Work
Focused on Your School’s Success Focused on Completing a Job

The bottom line is partnership drives success. Distinguishing between a partner and a provider is especially important in the K-12 education sector. Your school needs technology that goes above and beyond. So, finding a company that not only knows software but also deeply understands your mission is crucial.

Let’s take financial aid assessment as an example. For many schools, connecting the right families with financial aid opportunities is essential. But assessing needs and determining if students are the right fit can be a time-consuming, manual process. That’s where technology comes in. There are a variety of tools on the market that can make the financial aid assessment process easier, but how can you identify which company will be a true partner for your school and not just a provider? Here are a few things to look for.

A Partner Creates a Better Experience:

Any financial aid software provider will offer tools to turn manual processes into digital ones. But through partnership, you’ll receive support that improves the administrator and family experience in every aspect. You can expect:

A Lighter Workload:

Automated family communications and an easy-to-use interface save time for administrators. But more than that, a partner will take on the responsibility of helping families troubleshoot issues and answering their questions, so you don’t have to.

Proactive Error Prevention:

Your school will no longer worry about putting out fires when mistakes are made. A partner will work with you to minimize data entry errors, ensure data accuracy, and create quicker processing times for a more efficient financial aid process.

Less Stress for Families:

A true partner understands that when your students thrive, so does your school. They know that applying for financial aid can be a stressful experience for families. And they’re dedicated to providing a seamless, user-friendly experience to minimize frustration.

A Partner Prioritizes Your School’s Needs:

Like software providers, a good partner knows technology. But in a partnership, you’ll also receive access to a team of experts who are equipped to understand and implement your school’s specific priorities. This can look like:

Empowering Your Staff:

Simply getting the job done isn’t enough. You need a partner who will serve as an extension of your team, giving you the tools, support, and flexibility necessary to connect you with the right families.

Connect With the Right Students:

A transparent approach to financial aid helps schools reach students who are the best fit, regardless of socioeconomic backgrounds. With a software partner who truly cares about the success of your school and students, you’ll have the support needed to reach those students.

Building a Positive Reputation:

A committed grant and aid assessment partner will care about the effectiveness of your software and the reputation of your school. They’ll help you demonstrate a commitment to providing access, which will convey a favorable message and foster community relationships.

A Partner Minimizes Risk:

During the financial process, your school collects a multitude of sensitive information. Keeping this data safe is a big job. Collaboration with a financial aid partner gives you access to experts who will minimize security risks for you. This creates:

Reliable Data Protection:

A trusted partner will employ advanced security measures and encryption protocols in their system, so your families never have to worry if their data is protected. And your school doesn’t have to fear the possibility of a data breach.

Easier Compliance:

Staying compliant with data protection laws is crucial in the financial aid assessment process. Working with a partner who upholds high standards of data security will save you time and give you peace of mind.

Community Trust:

Parents want to send their children to a school they trust. For many families, their first interaction with your school is through a financial aid application. A good partner can help you start that relationship on a positive note by ensuring their data is safe.

When it comes to financial aid assessment software, partnership is a key factor in building community relationships, saving time for school staff, and minimizing security risks. At FACTS, we’re more than just a software provider. We are dedicated to partnering with schools in elevating education.

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