Virtual Professional Development

We deliver effective and engaging online learning through our network of highly reputable educators. Our professional development offerings are designed to enhance teacher strengths and make the maximum positive impact for your students. The lessons learned transition quickly to the classroom whether your learning community is in person, fully-remote, or a hybrid of the two.

Schools can use their CARES Act and ESSA funds to pay for PD through FACTS Ed. By using federal funding, you won’t dip into your school’s normal operating budget. And FACTS Ed will work with your school to ensure you’re providing your teachers with virtual PD that’s highly customized to your needs and focused on the most important challenges your school faces at this time.

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Teacher taking a professional development course online.

Why Go Virtual With PD?

Our professional learning and development resources integrate the latest technology to help you achieve and maintain academic excellence. We can work with you to develop professional instruction based on your specific needs or you can choose from our catalog of courses that have been highly successful for schools throughout the nation. Build a library of webinars that are relevant and applicable to your school community, student population, and the current teaching and learning environment.

Benefits of Virtual Professional Development

Father showing digital tablet to son while studying at table

Benefits for School Administrators


  • Improved virtual classroom environments and student engagement
  • Customized and immediately applicable to current teaching and learning circumstances
  • Families remain confident with level of education provided
  • More cost-effective and efficient allowing for a wide range of content
  • Access to professionals and experts from around the country
  • Virtual workshops or classes scheduled to fit your unique school calendar

Benefits for Teachers


  • Advance their knowledge, strategies, and resources for online teaching and learning
  • Better understand how to accommodate at-risk and exceptional learners online
  • Approach the remote classroom with a better understanding of student needs
  • More confidence exhibited for distance teaching
  • Flexibility to attend sessions live or on demand
Math teacher instructing students virtually.