Teacher Evaluation & Observation

Introducing Vosaic

Video technology for teacher coaching, observation, and evaluation.

One of the most effective ways to improve learning in your school is to improve teaching. And one of the most effective ways to improve teaching is through teacher professional development with Vosaic. Once you capture video using mobile devices or other cameras, Vosaic allows you to add comments and tags using custom rubrics (i.e., Danielson’s, Marzano’s, or another framework). You can also share and review videos with your teachers.

As an evidence-based, digital technology that focuses on meeting individual professional development needs, Vosaic can be acquired using Title IIA ESSA funds.

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Seeing is Believing. And Improving.

Through Vosaic, you can improve instruction one teacher at a time. See for yourself by receiving a FREE extended trial of Vosaic. Simply contact us today.

Administrator evaluating teacher performance on laptop.

Benefits for School Administrators

  • Review teacher instruction on your schedule
  • Provide notes and commentary to your teachers for objective and specific feedback and growth
  • Improve the classroom experience throughout your school — for every class and every student

Benefits for Teachers

  • Gain insight into areas where improvement is possible
  • Professional growth through commentary specific to their teaching style and behaviors associated with their teaching
  • Strengthened relationships with administration and students
  • Self-reflect and track progress of specific growth goals
Administrator evaluating teacher performance with video technology.