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    Help Your School Grow Social Media Reach, Audience

    Ideas and Tactics for Success Schools all over the country are working to find the perfect recipe for social media success. I feel your pain.... Read More »

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    Why Are There Not More Middle-Class Students in Private Schools?

    Factors Include Income Inequality, Rising Rates of Tuition There’s no doubt that the majority of private K-12 schools are schools for the wealthy. This makes most private... Read More »

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    Maintaining a Clean Student Database Doesn’t Have to be Challenging

    Tips and Tools to Simplify Record Updating Maintaining an updated and duplicate-free database is difficult. Because people consistently move addresses, change phone numbers and emails,... Read More »

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    Why Do We Struggle to Evaluate Teacher Performance and What Biases Impact Feedback?

    How Video-Based Observation Can Encourage Open Discussions About Teaching Performance As presenters, we struggle to evaluate our performance due to the distractions and biases we... Read More »

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    Establishing Trust in a Relationship

    Why first impressions matter According to Amy Cuddy, author of Presence, when two people meet for the first time, they subconsciously ask one question — “can I... Read More »

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Case Studies

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    Heritage Christian Academy – FACTS Pay It Helps Schools Eliminate Paper, Increase Efficiencies.

    For many K-12 schools, permission slips, order forms, event tickets, and other stacks of paper overwhelm desks and counter tops in administrative offices for much of the school year. But there is hope: FACTS Pay It™ is an intuitive form builder that takes what was a clunky, and often messy, process and transforms it into a quick, streamlined exercise — for your school and your families. Download case study.

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    Grapevine Faith Christian School – Solutions Worth Coming Back To

    When Grapevine Faith Christian School (Faith)’s student information system vendor partnered with another tuition management provider, the school chose to follow, moving away from FACTS. After challenges with navigating the system, limitations with customization, and lacking customer service, Faith re-implemented FACTS Tuition Management® with Incidental Billing and FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment®. After a seamless implementation, the school is saving time and resources, and giving parents easier accessibility and greater payment options. Download case study

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    Catholic School Case Study—Faith, Leadership, and Service

    Catholic schools provide their students with a rich and challenging curriculum based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. By focusing on the whole child both academically and spiritually, students are taught how to live a life of faith, leadership, and service. Download Case Study

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    Christian School Case Study—Academic Excellence and Spiritual Values

    Christian schools give students an educational environment that complements what they are taught at home and in church. By applying Christian principles, activities, and business practices to their curriculum, Christian schools produce students who are well-rounded in mind, body, and spirit. Download Case Study  

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    Independent School Case Study—Independence and Innovation

    Operating independently, private schools provide academically challenging programs with distinct missions and philosophies. Each school meets the needs of its families and communities in inspired, collaborative ways. Private schools share a commitment to diversity and excellence, enabling students from all backgrounds to receive an education. Download Case Study

Press Releases

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    FACTS, NCEA Partnership Helps More Than 500 Catholic Schools, Dioceses Reach Fundraising Goals

    With FACTS Giving, donors were able to interact with and give directly to schools, dioceses, and NCEA. LINCOLN, NEB. (PRWEB) MARCH 29, 2018 FACTS’ partnership with... Read More »

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    FACTS Partners with NCEA for 2018 Day of Giving

    Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools Happens January 30, 2018 (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 18, 2017 Catholic schools have provided many families with... Read More »

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    Peterson’s Velocity becomes FACTS Education Solutions

    Peterson’s Velocity announces new name change and welcomes new President, Patrick Haggarty LINCOLN, NE (PRWEB) MAY 12, 2017 FACTS Management, headquartered in Lincoln, NE has... Read More »

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    Archdiocese of Atlanta Selects FACTS as Preferred Provider

    FACTS Management is pleased to announce that the Archdiocese of Atlanta recently named the company as the preferred provider of tuition management and aid assessment... Read More »

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    FACTS Management Acquires the Business of Private School Aid Service

    LINCOLN, Neb., June 2, 2016—FACTS Management, the leader in school management solutions for private and faith-based K–12 schools, has acquired the business of Private School... Read More »

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White Papers

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    True Change for School Sustainability

    A Report on Independent School Financial Sustainability Many schools still wrestle with issues that affect their long-term sustainability. Ironically, most of these issues have been... Read More »

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    Data Security

    What Is Your School Doing About It? Did you know? Educational institutions are among the most commonly targeted industries for cyber theft Storing large amounts... Read More »

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