STEM Challenges with Sphero

About This Course

After completing CORE lessons, students are equipped for STEM challenges. These multi-day experiments encourage creative problem-solving and teamwork. Students concept, engineer, and build contraptions powered by Sphero.

After showcasing their creations to the class, open-ended discussions are held to explore which factors led to some designs outperforming others.

Created with teachers in mind, most of the additional materials required can be found around the classroom. Each challenge has a teacher’s guide and a list of questions to challenge students as they work through the creative process.

Lessons include:

  • Chariot Challenge: Students break into groups to build Sphero-powered chariots, racing against a pre-programmed Sphero on the last day.
  • Bridge Building: Students concept and build a bridge with finite resources, making it possible for Sphero to cross a gap.
  • Hydro Hypothesis: Students are challenged to build a Sphero-powered contraption that can carry weight across a pool.
  • Maze Mayhem: Students break out into small groups to write a complex program that allows them to navigate their Sphero through a custom maze featuring tight corridors.