Provides RenWeb Customers Access to Benevon’s Sustainable
Fundraising Expertise

Partnership Will Release New Donor Connect Features
– Including Workflow Management and Contact Management –
That Support Benevon’s Proven Fundraising Process

September 10, 2013 – RenWeb School Management Software today announced a strategic partnership with Benevon, an organization which trains and coaches nonprofit organizations on how to achieve sustainable funding from long-term donors.

Through this partnership, RenWeb schools will have access to Benevon’s fundraising expertise and proven track record of success as demonstrated through their work with over 4,000 nonprofit teams over the past 16 years.

RenWeb and Benevon will also jointly develop and release new features for Donor Connect that support Benevon’s fundraising process for achieving sustainable funding. That includes new workflow management and contact management tools that greatly enhance the capabilities of Donor Connect.

“This partnership is a major coup for schools that want to significantly improve their fundraising results and that are committed to do so,” said Brad Lee, RenWeb CEO. “Benevon has a tremendous reputation and proven track record of success. In the near future, we will announce webinars that Benevon will host to help schools learn more about their process and past successes. We strongly encourage school administrators to attend these sessions to learn more about what is possible with the Benevon approach.”

Continued Lee, “At the same time, we will soon announce the launch of new enhancements to Donor Connect that support Benevon’s fundraising process. The Benevon process, combined with Donor Connect’s new workflow management and contact management capabilities, will provide schools a very tangible methodology for managing a successful fundraising office.”

“At Benevon, we believe that sustainable funding is within the reach of every school if they dedicate themselves to making this happen, systematically, over time,” said Terry Axelrod, Benevon Founder and CEO. “Our programs and services provide the step-by-step process and the tools—training, templates, scripts, and rigorous coaching—to put each organization on the pathway to financial sustainability. We look forward to helping RenWeb schools achieve sustainable funding.”

About RenWeb
RenWeb’s Power, Integration, Ease-of-Use and Affordability are demonstrated daily in more than 2,900 customer schools as the leading provider of next-generation Internet-based school information systems. RenWeb’s unmatched convenience and service include complete installation of the software, including conversion of data, along with a client interface that provides easy access to more than 200 integrated features. Developed by a university dean, RenWeb is leading the migration of schools from client server-based to Web-based systems, bringing administration, parents, students and the classroom together with anytime, anywhere access to a full range of services. Features include Admissions, Enrollment, Scheduling, Billing and Tuition Management, Lunchroom Management, Health Management, Attendance, Homework, Lesson Plans, Grade Book, Report Cards, Transcripts, Extensive Reporting Capabilities, Automated Emailing and ParentsWeb. For more information about RenWeb and its affordable payment plans for schools of all sizes, visit

About Benevon
Benevon trains and coaches nonprofit organizations to implement a mission-based system for engaging and developing relationships with individual donors. When customized to the unique needs of your nonprofit organization, the Benevon Model builds passionate donors who are committed to your nonprofit’s long-term financial sustainability.

Benevon was founded in 1996 by Terry Axelrod, a professional fundraiser and social worker who committed herself to teaching others her proven, successful model for fundraising. She designed the Benevon Model for Sustainable Funding after working for more than twenty-five years in the nonprofit sector. Since then, more than 4,000 teams from organizations of all types and sizes have demonstrated that the Benevon Model for nonprofit fundraising can provide an effective pathway to financial sustainability. To learn more, visit