Customer Stories

Service to Parents

FACTS Giving has been a tremendous partner to Catholic schools across the country. Through their expertise and benevolent spirit, Catholic schools have raised funds for scholarships, playgrounds and tuition assistance. Without the leadership of the FACTS Giving team, our schools would not have raised the funds that have enabled them to support students and families in their pursuit of quality Catholic education.

– Kathy Mears, Chief Program Officer, NCEA

I have truly appreciated FACTS over the 5 or so years that we have been using the system. I find it to be very user friendly for both myself and for our parents/customers. I think parents feel a sense of control when they can log in to their accounts and view and understand their payment plans. We have used the Grant and Aid module as well which is helpful in objectively determining financial need for our families. In the last year we have begun using the advanced accounting feature which can flow directly into our financial statements. Again, user friendly is key. I have also been impressed with the staff at FACTS who expertly and willingly answer any questions I have.

– Lisa Zylstra, Timothy Christian Schools

FACTS has improved our processes and relationships with our families by providing them with easy access to their payment account and FACTS managing collections has saved a great deal of time by reducing the number of late payments and delinquencies drastically. There’s just something about a third party managing collections that families don’t ignore as they did when statements were generated directly by the school and all collection calls came from someone here at the school. I must also mention here that we also use the FACTS Grant & Aid module for tuition assistance assessment. It is integrated with the billing system and provides great flexibility managing multiple sources of tuition assistance.

– Steve Harris, The de Paul School

Because of FACTS, I was able to make life much easier at our school. FACTS allowed us to do the following:  Keep parents happy with timely & accurate tuition management, help the school to collect tuition in a much timelier fashion, increase our tuition collections due to auto debits, and make my business manager HAPPY! Thanks

– Cindy Cummins, EdD, St. John the Apostle School

Because of FACTS, I was able to distribute tuition assistance to families without them having to hand in a paper copy. It seemed to help them to go online and submit their financial information. It also helps me take out any personal bias when distributing funds.

– Kay Franz, St. Bernard

Because of FACTS, I was able to determine what families required aid without anyone thinking one was favored over the other. I think this system is a God Send!

– Phyllis Morrison, Nazareth Academy

Because of FACTS, I was able to better serve our parents. FACTS service is what it is all about! When I started at All Saints Catholic our parents basically had to pay tuition up front which can be hard on them. We did not take credit cards. Now with FACTS our parents can happily pay their tuition each month. The joy on their faces when they realize they can make monthly payments through FACTS is a sight to see. Thank you!

– Mary Reiter, All Saints Catholic School

There isn't a company easier to work with or more accommodating with payments than FACTS. We've been on the system for 10 years now and having automatic monthly payments available to our families has not only made my job easier, but has helped families budget a Catholic education and make it affordable for everyone. And the customer support there is incredible - always helpful and very nice to work with. When I attend conferences or am around other private schools, I am happy to recommend FACTS to them.

– Cindy Wenninghoff, Saunders County Catholic Schools

Because of FACTS, I am able to provide our families with a low-cost option of making monthly tuition payments. Our families appreciate the ability to pay and track their tuition accounts online. Because of FACTS, the time I spend managing the tuition program for our budgeted families has been greatly reduced. Because of FACTS and all its support teams, I have the confidence knowing my data is safe, secure and accurate. The customer service provided by Lorraine Brasch and her team are truly outstanding!

– Sherry Rinaldi, St. Michael School