Preparing for CA EANS with an EANS Approved Provider

Personalized Support for Your School

The Emergency Assistance to Non-Public Schools (EANS) relief program has provided billions of dollars in financial support for private and independent schools since its launch in early 2021. EANS I was first introduced to help schools recover from hardship due to COVID-19, and in March 2021, a second round of $2.75 billion in funding was announced (EANS II).

FACTS Ed is an approved vendor and we are ready to partner with eligible, private faith-based schools across the state of California.
These programs are an amazing opportunity for your school community and may give you access to additional support and services that you need. We’re here to help you navigate it all and create a customized plan that works.

CA EANS Resources

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Customized Solutions with FACTS Ed

The most important outcome for us is guiding your school to a personalized set of solutions that are optimized for your school, teachers, and students. We are ready to partner with you and your team to determine your eligibility, evaluate the menu of options available, and help you consider expenditures that will support your school’s unique needs.

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