How do we cut through the noise on social media to engage with alumni in a way that moves that needle for our private schools?

A “me/also me” meme may be the answer for your school.

The meme has been used to suggest that many of our obstacles are ones we can actually overcome ourselves. I would suggest that one of them goes like this:

Me: Why is our private school not getting engagement on social media?
Also me:


We know instinctively that students have a high capacity for social media. Their quick judgments about what will gain traction and what won’t are brilliant. So, how do we shift the paradigm at our school?

It’s about your school’s story

When we encourage students to think about brands and even consider how to highlight stories from their peers, we begin to see the power of selfless social media vs. selfies. Do your students know your school’s story? When students begin to reflect on the opportunity they have at your school and are given the chance to share it, you can teach them to see social media as more than just a way to message selfies.

Trust is not without restrictions

With Class Intercom, student-generated content is reviewed before it is published. Students need to know that we trust their opinions, but we don’t have to trust that their content fits perfectly or that it never gets edited. This allows teachers or administrations to put digital citizenship in action and guide students to success.

Nostalgia is gold for alumni

Connecting alumni to the opportunities that current students receive is critical. Our memories change over time, but when we can place those memories back in the halls with current students, we gain credibility with those alumni who are the lifeblood of a private school.

Linking past memories with present realities is a fundamental way that we can raise support for our school and current students play an important role.