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In order to grow your school, you need to have a connection with those you serve. Check out these articles for ways to improve communication with students, families, and donors.

Diamonds Are a School’s Best Friend: Compressing Your Brand into a Perfect Gem

Creating a catchy tagline or motto is key to showing prospective parents the essence of your school quickly. Here are some of our top tips for finding your “diamond.”
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Prepare for NCEA’s National Day of Giving

NCEA is pleased to announce the fifth annual Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving to Catholic Schools will begin Tuesday, February 1, 2022 at noon ET and continue through Wednesday, February 2 at noon ET.
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Making Your List and Checking it Twice

Who goes into the holiday season without checklists? Families in your school are using their holiday checklists, and so should you!
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How to Multiply Your End-of-Year Giving Effectiveness

Many K-12 institutions count on receiving donations at the end of the year. Read these tips to quickly boost your year-end fundraising.
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Additional EANS Funding Available for Private Schools

A second round of federal funding has been implemented specifically to assist private schools and address the impact of COVID-19. Learn how FACTS Ed is responding and next steps schools should take.
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Asynchronous Engagement

Asynchronous learning has been known for its advantages over the traditional classroom. Read how to adapt to asynchronous engagement.
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How K-12 Marketing and Finance Work Together

For private schools, marketing and finance teams share a single goal: improve revenue for the organization. Marketing teams primarily do this by helping increase enrollment (bringing in new revenue). Meanwhile, finance teams and members of the business office help maintain
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To App or Not to App?

How to Evaluate Tech Tools and Reach the Right People Apps are great. No one can deny the excitement of having an app: your app, with your school’s name on it. As you’re swiping through your phone, you brush past
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Incidental Billing and Payment Forms

Handling Non-Tuition Payments For payments due to your school that don’t get included with regular tuition installments, FACTS offers a number of ways for families to pay, while keeping the reconciliation simple for your school. By offering payment flexibility to
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