One of the key components of a successful school year for any teacher is the ability to detail what information will be covered in class and assign homework for that class. FACTS Student Information System (SIS) delivers that critical information – and more – within the Lesson Plan area.

The Lesson Plan area allows teachers to document daily in-class discussion and work, as well as provide a reminder of what homework has been assigned. In addition, the Lesson Plan area allows teachers to upload resource documents that help emphasize the subject matter. All of this information is available for parents and students to view in the FACTS Family Portal (formerly ParentsWeb) in convenient daily or weekly views.

An added feature of the Lesson Plan area is that teachers can create internal notes for their own use (notes are not shared externally with parents or students). This allows teachers to capture their thoughts and suggestions. Department heads and other administrators within the school can also access the Lesson Plan area and offer feedback directly to teachers.

Finally, the copy-and-paste feature makes it easy for teachers to copy lesson plan information from one class to another. Lesson plans can also be copied from one year to the next by either teachers or administrators, allowing new teachers to use the lesson plans of previous educators or allowing teachers to use their lesson plans year over year.