A letter is arriving soon — don’t miss it!

At FACTS Education Solutions, we understand the educator’s post-holiday reality. Not long ago, most of us were private school teachers and administrators, which is why we’re letting you know that any day now the public schools will be sending an Intent to Participate Letter asking if your school is interested in participating in the federal education programs. Please don’t let this letter get missed! Answer “YES.”

Definitely mark or write “YES” next to every item in the letter that asks if your school, its students, and/or teachers anticipate participating in federal programs. When you answer YES, you let the public schools know to include your school in the calculations for the following school year. Saying YES does not require your school to participate, but it does require the public school to include you in the initial budgeting.

As a private school, you are still eligible for federal funds. If you answer YES and could use a guiding hand on how to maximize your federal program dollars, know that the FACTS Ed team will gladly help you and ensure that your school receives its equitable share of funding and services for these programs.

If you’ve had a less than stellar experience with your public school, we can even provide highly qualified teachers to give you the support you need if you’ve marked “YES.”

We can work with your school to:

  • Enhance professional development for your teachers and administrators.
  • Ensure that students who need supplemental instruction, receive it.
  • Enrich parental participation in support of children and their learning.

We want to be certain that all private schools have access to use their federal funds in a manner that best meets the needs of their students and teachers.

Also, please check with your neighboring private schools to see if they received the same letter. Each year, hundreds of private schools do not receive their Intent to Participate Letter, which is a very unfortunate circumstance that affects all private schools in the region. Private schools that do not say YES and return the letter to the public schools are not included in the annual calculations and they forfeit their option to participate in the federal programs.

We at FACTS Education Solutions are happy to help you navigate federal funding and provide the assistance to fully utilize opportunities for your students. If you or a private school you know would like to learn more federal programs, please feel free to contact us.

We are here to serve you and your students.