With summer right around the corner, now’s the perfect time to get answers to common FACTS SIS Report Card questions.

Why does the Report Card show duplicate classes or classes that a student has dropped?

Classes will show for students on a report card if grades were entered on the report card screen in the classroom — even if the student has been unenrolled from that class.

  • To remove them from the report card, you simply delete the grade from the report card in Classroom.
  • You may need to select the unenrolled button in the upper right-hand corner of the report card toolbar to get the student to show.
  • Unenrolled students will show in the student list as red.

Why aren’t semester grades loading to the Report Card?

The most common problem is that the calculation method is not configured.

  • To configure, go to Classroom>Report Card and select “Calculate” in the upper right corner. Click on “Configure” to set the parameters for the class.
  • This can also be configured for entire course levels in System>Configuration>Report Card Setup>Default Formula. Select the course level, configure the semester/final grade and then use the “Copy to Class” function.

Another frequent issue occurs when a teacher enters a grade on the report card manually in display grade, but hasn’t entered an average.

  • The report card actually calculates from the average, so it’s unable to perform the calculation for the semester/final grade.
  • An easy way to spot this issue is that the grade will be in red showing a failing or unrecognized grade.

We’re running short on time. Does every teacher have to calculate grades or can an admin do it?

Great news! Administrators can calculate for multiple classes at once.

  • To do this go to System>Database Tasks>Report Card Load.
  • Select the classes you want to load, the timeframe under “Action” and the “Grade Type” (number or letter) and then “Submit.”
  • If some classes use a number and some use a letter, they will have to be loaded separately.

Hopefully this will help! And as always, your account manager team is always here if you have any issues.