Mollie Nolan

Mollie Nolan writes a variety of content for FACTS as a Creative Copywriter. She holds a Master of Arts in Communications, a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, and many years of professional writing experience. When she’s not writing, Mollie enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband and dogs and baking delicious treats in the kitchen.

Lessons From Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour: Adapting to Change in K-12

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour (and her catalog of music) is making a massive impact on pop culture and economies worldwide. It’s projected that the Eras tour could gross $2.2 billion in North American ticket sales alone,
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5 Tools to Help Schools Celebrate Earth Day, Every Day

Did you know schools have been at the center of Earth Day from the very beginning? Here are five tools that can help school administrative offices reduce paper usage and continue to celebrate Earth Day in 2024 and beyond.
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6 Common Problems the Right SIS Can Solve

Is your student information system causing problems? If your school struggles with data inefficiency, too many logins, or communication gaps it might be time to reassess your SIS.
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